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Yellow faced bee - Hylaeus  spp hym3_0013_DSC_5284.jpg hym3_0014_DSC_5287.jpg hym3_0015_DSC_5288.jpg Small yellow-faced bee wondering when the rain is going to stop hym3_0001_DSC_5271.jpg hym3_0002_DSC_5272.jpg hym3_0003_DSC_5273.jpg hym3_0004_DSC_5274.jpg hym3_0005_DSC_5275.jpg hym3_0006_DSC_5276.jpg hym3_0007_DSC_5277.jpg hym3_0008_DSC_5278.jpg hym3_0009_DSC_5279.jpg hym3_0010_DSC_5281.jpg hym3_0011_DSC_5282.jpg hym3_0012_DSC_5283.jpg Hylaeus sp -  male Hylaeus spp -  male

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Steviethewaspwhisperer says:

Fantastic set, truly delightful. Very small and very cute Bees.
Posted 71 months ago. ( permalink )

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