Ptinus fur (♂) - White-marked spider beetle

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    body less than 4mm
    South Yorkshire, UK.

    Thanks to both Florin of the NHM and Paul Leonard - Rotherham BRC for the Id. fur.htm

    1. jel 1969 22 months ago | reply

      The shape, size, look similar to some of the wood boring beetles. About as close to an ID as you'll get from me on this though, probably completely wrong !

    2. afterforty‽ 22 months ago | reply

      Thanks, I can see that now.

    3. joe with a camera 22 months ago | reply

      Dunno. I thought longhorn at first, but their eyes are normally wrapped around the antennae, and the elytra look wrong. Lovely-looking beetle, though.

    4. joe with a camera 22 months ago | reply

      Perhaps a silvanid, something akin to Uleiota..?

      Edit: Just looked at the key, and no, that family won't do.

    5. afterforty‽ 22 months ago | reply

      Thanks - on this one we think alike. Lovely and quite unusual.

    6. Photospool 22 months ago | reply

      fabulous photography of a great beetle

    7. slop george 22 months ago | reply

      Well taken. I have never seen one myself

    8. afterforty‽ 22 months ago | reply

      Not the most common of beetles:

    9. joe with a camera 22 months ago | reply

      Excellent - good to hear the result, and a very nice find. :o)

    10. afterforty‽ 22 months ago | reply

      Sadly when you google "spider beetle" almost all you get are the pest control companies stoking up business and paranoia.

    11. Steviethewaspwhisperer 22 months ago | reply

      Fascinating find, well spotted and captured.

    12. rockwolf 22 months ago | reply

      What a beauty! Excellent find and shot!

    13. afterforty‽ 22 months ago | reply

      Strange but I haven't found any other UK pics of this guy on Flickr so far.

    14. foetoebare 22 months ago | reply

      Ground-breaking shot!

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