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Gorilla | by fen_snapz
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Well, I resisted the urge to title this one "Stumpy" ;)


Today, I have mostly been on a Gorilla safari, in the deep, dark, wild jungles of Kent! Port Lympne safari park to be precise with "Photographers on safari" tours, so thats all my new years resolutions kept then!


The safari park was rather good, a bit of a trek, and not something I would have wanted to try to get round on foot, as it is very extensive, much of it is done in safari trucks.


The main object of the day though was to shoot gorillas, and they fed them especially for us, with a scatter feed right in front of us, which was rather awesome.


I have never actually seen a Gorilla before, but have always thought they were amazing, they didn't disappoint me, their personalities were almost as huge as they were!


What I learned from the day, was not so much from the tuition, but I learned that Gorillas stink! and they have rather revolting flatulence problems too, they have a really strong BO smell, myself and the chap next to me were giving one another really dodgy looks, until we realised it was the gorillas that ponged.


I also learned that Gorillas don't like photographers, and that when a gorilla picks up a stick or lump of wood or stone, and starts to ponder and almost whistle innocently to itself... DUCK! and duck fast! because they lob these missiles right over the wall and fence at you, with startling accuracy, then they run off fast, sit down a bit of a way away and start looking around as if to say.... "it wasn't me guv, honest!" I got showered in mud and clopped around the ear with a stick, the chap next to me was not so lucky when he uttered those immortal words "ah thats ok, he won't be able to throw that huge bit of wood over the top. Ouch *&$%"

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Taken on March 20, 2011