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78 Pfizer | by Felton Davis
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78 Pfizer

From RT TV and other sources: the creator of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine says, "Jab needs time to make impact, and life won't return to normal until next winter." If you believe that statement, you need to do a lot more investigating, because you are completely detached from reality. The lead scientist behind the coronavirus vaccine being developed jointly by Pfizer and BIONTEC, has cautioned that it won't have an immediate effect on case numbers, and that it may be a year before normalcy returns. It's all mass deception -- we're drowning in a sea of it. If you think normalcy is going to return in one year or five years or ten years, you need to wake up. The former paradigm is done, gone, not coming back -- we'll be lucky if we're here in five years. And that's a mathematical, statistical fact. And if you don't believe it I don't care, I can't do anything about that, I can't make you investigate. But I'm asking you to consider the fact that if we stand together, we could possibly salvage some part of Earth's life support system, so that someone might make it through.

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Uploaded on December 27, 2020