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Amberle & Eretria | by FelipeAvelar
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Amberle & Eretria

I've been in a "Boats Boats Boats" mood since CCC. After missing The Tourney because of several schedule problems, I've dedicated the past two weeks to built and improve these MOCs. I've learnt a lot while building them, and so the next yacht I build will probably be much better. Though I had in mind to build a full keel ship, I've opted for the streamline because of my part availability.


Having no Pirate/Ship Set and typical elements, I had to develop a steady mast configuration - which I didn't, they still came out very flexible and there's a lot of bending due to sail and lines weight, and also pression from the shrouds and stays.


Both Yachts feature almost full rigging "fine tuning" by technic gear boxes below the decks - exceptions from two or three on the deck or cabin.


Bow view from both yachts

The Amberle was built first; As I've used the full deck space to insert the rigging mechanism, there was no room to fit a cabin and more "figure friendly" items. Thus, I've built the Eretria keeping deck elements in mind. As so, the Amberle has 11 rigging lines controled by technic gear boxes - the Eretria has 7. Both feature a couple more of fixed stays. Amberle's shroud is fixed, Eretria's may be "fine-tuned"; Amberle is a late 19th Century "british trawler" like converted Yacht, while the Eretria would be a modern 60's to 70's Bermudian Ketch - though the cuter jigs would better be replaced by a Genoa.


The Amberle has a much wider canvas area, beacuse ot the higher Mast, very long boom and topsail; That is fun to think as it's typical for a Ketch to have wider canvas than a Cutter of similar size. But as related to Hull lenght, the Eretria is actually longer by more "two studs". When the bowsprits are aligned the Ships are almost the same lenght,


The deck and gear boxes are not connected to the hull but actually "pression inserted" and then secured by the stays and shrouds. Eretria's box might be fixed as it's uncovered on the bottom - that made it weaker, and some bricks fell out of place when the ship was fully rigged, but still tighten to the hull. Amberle has a tight and solid gear box but might only be fixed if the ship is fully furled and shrouds are taken off.

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Taken on February 8, 2017