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The Tourney 2017 - Sigfig | by FelipeAvelar
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The Tourney 2017 - Sigfig

Hail LoM and Castle Builders all over Flickr!


Though I've failed to entry and Intro at the Tourney, nonetheless I wanted to give a proper sifig presentation.


Ermo Edel - Mercenary and Bounty Hunter


"Santuario was awesome. I left Rainos in a big ship with some fellow hunters.. We we're ought to enter that damned fly infested jungle and search for - oh, whatever gives profit. First travel and big luck: gold, precious stones, you name it. But travel back was a bit messy, and the jungle had most of the man. I made it to the coast, and had my share of fun with my part of the reward. Old man asked me if I wanted to go again, but I'd rather drink coconut water and look at the new Enalican Ships that had just arrived. Well, that didn't went well. Situation became somewhat fishy, and I just had to leave before the whole things exploded.

Got the first Ship to search Mom at Rainos: but that was also messy. The ship was terrible and I've often thought I was gonna die either of shipwreck or seasick. After more than two weeks at Comerciantes Sea, we finally reached land and. Well, it wasn't Rainos. We reached a smaller island near Mercado. I was angry at the idiotic Ship captain, but also happy to step on land again. Payed the captain half of the price, though I've should had gutted him at this point.

Feeling bored at the white beach with a gallon of horse piss rainosian Rum, asked the Sea: what should I do with my life: Should I join something? Mom always wanted me to go straight, maybe I should join the Golden Navy... but I'd be more likely to join those crazy zealots of the Black Lotus... and than the Sea coughed, gave me a wink - I tell you, I wasn't drunk - and told me: Go to Pescado, and do The Tourney"



I wanted to give a somehow Enalican vibe with the main Golden as a catch color. But that is no promise to join Enalica after The Tourney ends...


The ''Crazy Arms'' solution like are small pieces of pen tube. Heat'em and stick the minifig hand.

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Taken on January 7, 2017