• Microwave Control Panel
  • Omneon Video Servers
  • DekoCast
  • Old Master Control Switcher - Only used for Tally Lights
  • 3 Monitors for 3 MCAS Broadcast Automations systems for 3 Channels - 19.1 (CBS Prim - Classic) 19.2 (RTV) Web/.Com for online streaming
  • Media Cordnation and all the goodies that go with it.... This job times out and puts all the commercials and server programming in
  • New Satellite and Recorder Automation - Being installed and yet to be fired up
  • DVCPro Decks used for News Playback - We are not server based - YET!
  • We use LOTS of paper... So we do the green thing and recycle
  • Web Video Encoders for WHNT.com
  • This room is STU2 or Studio 2... New Production Directors Booth/Control room
  • Off Air, Security, and Direct TV Monitors - Making sure we are on air
  • CCU - Camera Control Unit used to white balance, iris, and black level adjustments for the in studio camera
  • Control Room Desktop and Temperature grabber for DekoCast
  • Trash Can for what can't be recycled
  • Laptop connected to magic audio box that will control it's levels and makes things simulated surround if they are not already
  • HD Playback Server controls
  • CBS News Path Server
  • Old BetaSP Deck
  • Scotty - He runs Chyron (or Lower third) and Full Screen Graphics for the news cast.

Control Room

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  1. Ken Blackwell 65 months ago | reply

    Very interesting notes. I knew that it was a control room, but not what type.

  2. curlyson 65 months ago | reply

    Hey who is in control it looks almost deserted ?

  3. fedoradave 65 months ago | reply

    Scotty - He runs Chyron (or Lower third) and Full Screen Graphics for the news cast.

  4. ch173_p3pp3r 64 months ago | reply

    I watched the latest Star Trek on New Years Eve with my parents. :-)

  5. Navicore 64 months ago | reply

    cool. i spent years working in huge rooms full of metal boxes with blinking lights but hadn't taken up photography yet. thanks for posting this.

  6. RichGreenePhotography.com 57 months ago | reply

    Nice and roomy. What market is this?

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  7. fedoradave 57 months ago | reply

    We are Market 81. Thanks for all the comments.

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