Kruševo is famous for being one of the first balkan republics and the highest town in Macedonia. It developed into a large prosperous town in the 18th century. It was inhabited by Macedonian Vlachs, Macedo-Vlahs and Macedonians from the Reka region in Western Macedonia called Mijaks. The groups had suffered a lot from Ali Pasha Janinski, an Albanian aristocrat with a powerful army, so they gathered in Bitola asking for help from the Turkish administration. The governor offered to let them stay in Bitola and the Vlachs who were traders and goldsmiths accepted but the Mijaks and the Vlachs who had large herds of sheep and were used to living in the mountains didn’t have anything to do in Bitola so they were allowed to found their own city.

It was a good combination as the Vlachs were rich and the Mijaks were the best builders in the Balkans and both groups had a very sophisticated sense of aesthetics so they created the wonderful Kruševo we have today.

On 2nd of August 1903 the Ilinden Uprising started in Kruševo the biggest rebellion of the Macedonians against the Turks. On the freed territory Kruševo Republic was established which lasted for 10 days and Nikola Karev was proclaimed president. He wrote the Kruševo Manifesto which called all peoples that live in Macedonia to join them in the struggle for freedom

Kruševo architecture – As the city was started from scratch the Vlachs were willing to invest and the Mijaks were excellent builders in Kruševo a very interesting architecture has developed. The houses are freestanding mostly symmetrical without open spaces typical for other towns in Macedonia. The back of the houses are built of stone while the front of socalled “bondruk” construction of wooden columns and beams covered with white plaster. There is almost always a well in the ground floor. On the main facade usually there are painted decorations in blue colour. Blue is also usually used for the window frames and other details of the facades.
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