Morbihan: Brittany's ancient land of legends
Morbihan is a region of Brittany rich in history and culture. The name mor bihan comes from the Breton "little sea" which is a reference to the inland sea of the Golfe du Morbihan, where an abundance of wildlife thrives, together with yachts and small boats meandering between its lovely islands. Just outside the gulf is the Atlantic Ocean, "mor braz" (big sea or ocean), where sailors once started their long voyages to the Orient.


Morbihan (Breton:
Mor-Bihan) is a department in the northwest of France named after the Morbihan (small sea in Breton), the enclosed sea that is the principal feature of the coastline. The
alignments of
Carnac are situated in Morbihan. The
Gulf of Morbihan
has many islands: 365 according to legend, but, in reality,
between 30 and 40, according to how they are counted. There are also many islets which are too small to be built. Of these islands, all but two are private: l'Île aux Moines and l'Île D'Arz. The others are privately owned, some by movie stars or fashion designers.In the department of Morbihan, but outside the Gulf,
there are four inhabited islands:Belle , Île Groix , Houat & Hoëdic
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