Miss FECC Contest
The largest summer Carnival on the European mainland is held in Rotterdam where our 2008 Queen reigned in 2006. She is sponsored by the Carnival group "Kingdoms Under The Sun" and is the official FECC Queen for The Netherlands. She is the beautiful and talented Miss Imara Thomas. The 2008 FECC Queen was elected based upon Carnaval costume, crowd reaction, dance moves, beauty and charisma. Queen Imara is also an enchanting singer with an exceptional voice.

During the 28th FECC Convention in Ploërmel (France) =took place the election of the new Miss FECC 2008. It was for the 3rd =time. Last year was Dhekra Daib from Tunisia Miss 2007. There were 13 =candidates namely :
Germany (Veronica), Croatia (Daniela Noretti), Montenegro ( Mirjana =Niljanovic), Portugal (Sara Ferreira), Romania (Cristina Tarbuzan), =France (Leslie), Netherlands (Imara Thomas), Malta (Maria Galia), Russia =(Katya), Belgium (Charlène), Tunisia (Anger), Spain (Carmen) and =Luxemburg (Elena). The winner was Ms.Imara Thomas.
Email : imara.thomas [at] gmail dot com

Visit FECC youtube.com selection of video clips from the historic International Carnival City Congress held during
the 28th FECC Reunion Ploermel, Brittany France at
to hear pieces from 2 songs performed during the convention by the Queen. Also here you can find a link to Queen Imara's youtube.com site as well.

Stay tuned for some additional video footage from the Queen contest
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