Spooky action at a distance

Nope, the title has nothing to do with this picture. Apparently it's something Einstein once said about quantum mechanics. I'm not a physicist (too dumb unfortunately), but I'm very fascinated by it. And I just love the sentence :-). Spooky!!

And these heels were very scary, they looked more like weapons than anything else.


PS - I'm fine with people using my pictures for their blogs or whatever, but asking for my permission first is very much appreciated!

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  • A.T Photochemistry 4y

    Amazing theme
  • John Peter Lizarazo 4y

    hmm i'm on the fence about this one... I like the editing but the the fact is that there's no context. ditch 8
  • Arlette Reloaded 4y

    For the 'there is no context'-ditchers: next time I'll lay a fake-turd on the street and hope that's enough of a context ;-).
  • John Peter Lizarazo 4y

    ^^^ that would be epic for sure. but in this case.. i hate to say it.. there needs to be more thought put in to aesthetics and composition. I love the way you bring up the heels' weapon-ness, I think its a great idea worth time and effort to picture right. but this, its just not creating the connection between what you thought and what you photographed.

    disclaimer: I'm in no way an editor/curator or a great photographer, just someone sharing his 2 cents on the topic, don't take it personally, I hope this helps!
  • Arlette Reloaded 4y

    John Peter Lizarazo Thanks for elaborating :-). Actually, the weapon association came after I took the picture. I don't take it personally :-).
  • John Peter Lizarazo 4y

    I see, happy shooting!
  • Peter Gol 4y

    Heerlijk spannend beeld!!
  • Om 4y

    I always thought that the pointy shoes and heels woman wear was more as weapon for self protection ;) . Nice shot, funky heels, the shot looks good in b&w
  • Knauer Digital 4y

    A very reduced but great shot! I like the framing and the contrast between the wet pavement and the texture of the tights. But what I like most is the subtle atmosphere of your photo.
    I'll vote: Keep 4
  • Roberto de Fernex 4y

    So sexy and impressive...nice shot!
  • AmsterSam The Wicked Reflectah 4y

    Love it :)
  • Sven Loach 4y

    Count so far, 5 keeps (S-H-O-L-C-K votes count) and 7 ditches. Going by comments, not tags.

    Sorry 8 ditches, so confusing with so many other posts, sorry.
  • Peter 4y

    Why the main subject is in the center and background has no connection with legs? Try to do more such photos and choose the best one...
    -Voted ditch9 (from the The Gutter group)
    Seen next to a fellow photo of the group "The Gutter™ - Street at its best ". ( ?² )
  • Arlette Reloaded 4y

    Peter Not all centered pictures are bad. Especially if the picture only has one focus, it can work really well. The background has no connection with the legs? It's the street she's walking on :-).
  • Phillip Lee 4y

    if only you were in korea. give me a week and i could get you a few rolls of heels (even in this snowy weather). i just feel like it's lacking something. at first glance, the photo was clean, and simple. but, then i couldn't figure out what else i was suppose to look at besides her legs... arrg
  • martin alberts 4y

    Great shot, well done !

  • orangeUboard 4y

    you're right. really scary!
    cool shot!
  • Feije Riemersma 4y

    Deze vind ik werkelijk prachtig. Ook de nabewerking. De 'smoothness' van de panty maakt een briljant contrast met de ruwheid van de straat.
  • Tarun Chopra 4y

    Beautiful Capture, Great Shot

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  • IndieMaxxx_111 4y

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