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    The cat-cat

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    1. ThisIsHer 61 months ago | reply

      Wednesday is the best name for a cat ever. Makes me wish I had named my cats after days of the week.

    2. veganbilly 61 months ago | reply

      I have a black cat named Friday and a French cat named Samedi. What I'm saying is I approve of naming cats after weekdays

    3. dryodora 61 months ago | reply

      My family had a 'theme' for cats as well... my mother's parents had a cat named Whiskey, and my parents had a cat named Martini. Then they got two kittens named Sugar and Cream. Apparently this was only for cats though, as our first dog was named "Nikita" after the Elton John song.

    4. rstevens 61 months ago | reply

      Stop having a cat that looks like my cat, it's unnerving.

    5. Monroe Charles 61 months ago | reply

      Isn't Wednesday mentioned in a Tori Amos song?

      Props to Wednesday for having famous friends.

    6. Rob Rix 61 months ago | reply

      Little known fact: Odin was named after this cat.

    7. ladycassilis 60 months ago | reply

      My mum named our cats after seeds - Sesame, Pumpkin, Poppy and Sunflower. I got used to it, but visitors were always bemused.

    8. 16 Pieces of Flair 52 months ago | reply

      Wednesday is a dead ringer for ours, Mehitabel, who loves to put her entire head in freshly worn shoes and scoot them around the floor.

    9. basicfruit 52 months ago | reply

      wednesday's hot

    10. Ziaheart 22 months ago | reply

      Adam's Family Reference?

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