U.S. Air Force Honors FDNY Hero
The U.S. Air Force presented the FDNY and family of Chief of Department Peter Ganci, who was killed on Sept. 11, with memorabilia from the Transit Center at Manas in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, informally named Ganci Air Base, on Apr. 3 at the FDNY Fire Academy.

Among those attending the ceremony were Chief Ganci’s wife, Kathleen; sons, Peter and Chris, who both are FDNY Fire Lieutenants; and daughter, Danielle.

The base, which is located just outside Afghanistan, opened in December 2001. The items presented included signs for ‘Pete’s Place,’ a recreation center at the base, and the ‘Ganci badge.’ The base is slated to close in July 2014.

Commissioner Cassano and Chief Kilduff both noted they worked with Chief Ganci and found him to be a model for what a chief should be.
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