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Commodore SR4148R (1975) | by François Collard
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Commodore SR4148R (1975)

Fonctionne encore (24 février 2008)...


J'ai utilisé cette calculatrice extrêmement longtemps. C'est la fatigue des accumulateurs qui me l'a fait abandonner. Même l'alimentation est opérationnelle, mais comme je ne servais plus de la calculatrice, j'ai changé le jack de sortie pour l'utiliser avec d'autres appareils, d'où l'usage ici d'une alimentation passe-partout.


Still working now...

I have used this calculator for a very long time. The statistic features were very good for calculating my pupils' average marks (we don't use letters, but figures from 0 to 20 in France). But the NiCd battery lost too much of its capacity, so I had to switch to newer machines, then computers (1). The 6V 400 mA DC supply is still operational, but I am ashamed to confess that I changed the plug, in order to use it with another device. So the machine is fed by an "universal" supply on this image.

[1) This is not exactly chronological. My first home computer was an Amstad CPC 464 I purchased in 1984. I wrote a rather efficient marks management program in 1985, but I still needed the calculator, for I had no computer at school (French teachers have no place to work at school, they must do their homework at home). I also remember that some teachers wanted us to transcribe our marks on copy-books of their own. When I was able (in 1985) to print listings of my pupils' marks, these listings were cleaner, more readable and error-free than hand-written copy-books with very long lines. But I remember a cantankerous colleague who refused my listings.

Being a teacher sometimes also means getting along with very weird and neurotic people.

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Taken on February 24, 2008