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2: Layer of broken bricks | by fra-NCIS
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2: Layer of broken bricks

Almost all of us love flowers and plants. And when we come across a plant we really like, we want to grow it in a pot. Here is how you can grow a plant like this Money Plant or Golden Pothos or Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum or old name Scindapsus aureus) in a plastic pot.


Place a layer of broken clay bricks to cover the drainage holes. You can add a layer of coconut shells (optional) for they provide organic matter as they rot. Add soil and it's ready for planting.

The Money Plant came from a cutting and has rooted after several weeks. Remove them gently from the pot and ensure you do not break the roots. Place them in the new pot and cover the roots with soil. Press the soil firmly around the plant. Water the newly transplanted plant generously and place it in the shade for several days to recover from shock.

Money Plant is very robust and easy to look after. The leaf colours are very bright with plenty of light and it is a climbing plant.

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Taken on August 31, 2010