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My First Cover!

Everything started few days after this year’s Notting Hill Carnival. Well, to be honest everything started during the carnival, when I took a photo of two girls dancing on the streets of Notting Hill. I was close to Westbourne Park, the police had blocked the road and we were waiting to move on when some music started and one of the group that was participating to the parade started dancing. The colours were fantastic, so I crouched dow to get a good perspective and I took a few shots. The first images were almost candid, then I was spotted and the two girls smiled at me and almost posed for me. But that was the real beginning.

Two days after I posted the image on flickr I received an email from an editor of a small Japanese magazine, WorldJC (, who was enquiring about the possibility to use my photo in their publication. After few emails discussing bits and bobs I agreed. This was almost a month ago, and everything slipped out of my mind but then I received another email containing a PDF with the screenshot of a page where my photo was there, amongst many other fantastic photos in a sort of collage. It was nice to see it, but I was not impressed as, this was my honest thought, the photo came out really small amongst all others. This is when I put the issue away from my mind, keeping it warm to heat my pride (hey, everybody needs it). Thing is that on Monday a parcel was being delivered to my door, but being at work I was not able to receive it and today. I knew what it was going to be, as I was promised the paper version of the japanese magazine. Today, that I am working from home, I was able to take a break and go and get it from the post office.

When I got the package and I opened it (even if the photo was small it was still my fist published photo I could actually see on a printed magazine) I was puzzled to see a sort of advert on the cover of the magazine, but then I remembered that in Japan publications are read from right to left, so I turned the magazine and my jaw dropped.

Front page of the magazine, full page, alone and screaming, there was my photo. I had to stop walking and I bet that the people that crossed my path stared at my growing smile. My photo, on the cover of a magazine. I could not, and I still cannot, believe it. Of course I am not able to understand a single word of what’s written on it, but still my pride went skyrocketing high. My first publication, straight on the cover of a magazine coming from the other side of the world? WOW!

…But how all this happened? How have I been able to get published?

I have some answers, but I would love to explore them in the future. One of the things I have to say is that I have to say “Thank You” to all of my flickr followers, as without them I will probably have not been noticed.


By the way: the original photo is here:

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Taken on September 30, 2009