Catching the Rain: the 5D Mark II and the water

The rain interrupted the day out with the Canon 5D Mark II while the light was still very good for the new Canon camera. London, 4th December 2008.


We crossed the Thames with the idea to walk to Soho when the weather, perfect until that very moment, decided to turn abruptly. The Canon 5D Mark II is fine in light rain condition, or so it was told by Dfavid from Canon. He told me that the technical specification does not speak about a "water proof camera", nevertheless the camera can undertake "light rain condition". What was underlined, though, is that the "light rain" the specification refers to is not the drizzle we are used here in London, but it is the japanese light rain: almost a storm compared to English rain.

However the rain turned quite nasty on Thursday, so we decided to stop under the archway in Trafalgar Square, more to cover ourselves than the cameras (even if everyone was protecting their own quite carefully). I decided to go for a shot to the rain. For this shot I went for a Bleach Bypass, nevertheless the quality of a ISO 6400 is still visible: it was dark, but the quality of the image is still amazing, the grainy minimal and the result exceptional.

As you can have easily understood from my previous posts (if you have read them) I am amazed by this camera. It is very good, light, fast and terrific in low light conditions. if I will be able to make some money from photography I will definitely consider buying it.

Obviously, when during the briefing for the day, David asked us:

"What would you go home with, from this experience?'

I could not refrain from answering

"The camera itself, of course!"

Unfortunately it did not work and I did not ended up with the camera. I also tried to give back another camera at the end of the day, but it did not work either. Well, I fear this means that I have to work hard to put my hands on this little devil on my own. Obviously if you have an alternative solution...

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Taken on November 4, 2008