Shake your Booty!

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Listen to the music, smile, shake your booty and be free. Be free to choose, to love, to be Proud of what you are.
Follow the rhythm, do not follow the standards, feel free to march with your head high, and to swim against the current loving what you love.
The London Pride, or Gay Pride, is, first and foremost, a fantastic Party. I personally think that everyone should be free to choose his or her own sexuality, and should be free from judgments.

First of the "London Pride" series, more to come in the next days!!!I have decided to name this set "Some people are Gay. Get over it!", following one of the billboards proudly carried by the people in he parade and sharing the idea that homophobia is bad.

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  1. blooper 82 months ago | reply

    fantastic moment you caught there.

  2. Miakosamuio 81 months ago | reply

    Aw, she's adorable ^_^

  3. Martini Mike 81 months ago | reply

    This image is Fabulous!
    You are obviously a person of style and taste.
    Join Martini Mike- International Martini Assassin, at
    Martini World!

  4. superstar_ 80 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Party Girls, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  5. ratso3 80 months ago | reply

    beautiful and confident.

  6. Tom Kondrat 76 months ago | reply

    Hello, I'm an admin for a group called London Street Photography (best shots!), and we'd love to have this great picture added to the group!

  7. pulcinoassassino 72 months ago | reply

    oh, nice catch :)

  8. Tesa Fiona Kaban 68 months ago | reply

    what the hell she has been doing that she got that look?lovely.

  9. Helen Warner (airgarten) 60 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous girl, great youthful attitude! Class!

  10. chatka2004 60 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called World Portrait 2020, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    Very nice portrait

    [ DSC10353]

  11. Diana Eftaiha 59 months ago | reply

    love is love. as long as youre happy this is it i guess
    lovely photo the girl has a great positive energy to the photo its really nice =)

  12. Hameediii 58 months ago | reply

    fine very fine street portrait

  13. cookiesound 56 months ago | reply

    great photo!!!!!

  14. † massimo ankor 48 months ago | reply

    carlo great image

    perfect to show the joy during the gay pride

  15. † massimo ankor 46 months ago | reply

    a masterpiece

    a real masterpiece

  16. Alex Coghe 45 months ago | reply

    Your image for our magazine. Contact me for more info.

  17. lluìs 43 months ago | reply

    great capture

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