Girls' Secrets

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    Sometimes you are not fast enough, sometimes the moment you saw with your eyes is not the moment you have caught on camera. This time it was, not perfect, not framed as I would have loved, but I stopped the time exactly when it was to be frozen!
    I was walking in Watford with Fabiana and Michela. The day was good and the sun fantastic. I mounted the 50mm on my Canon 40D and I was taking some photo of my fiancee and my friend.
    They were discussing about bras, sizes and other things, and I was participating in the discussion, but not being commited as they were.
    I do not know what happened, but suddently I turned myself just in time to see this spectacular scene. Time to fix my eye in the viewfinder, focus, frame and...bum, it was all over. Having a prime lens did not allow me to open the scene a little bit, but the lower detail is still there fortunately!

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    1. Opo Tobus 84 months ago | reply

      :):):) Superb! What did they found there? Beautiful!

    2. The Round Peg 84 months ago | reply

      I am bond to silence on this. Revealing this would probably terminate my existence (more as a human being than as a simple photographer)!

    3. berlog 84 months ago | reply

      and such secrets are many:)

    4. Ale..who? [deleted] 84 months ago | reply

      Excellent scene you got in here

    5. Wendy Roscoe 84 months ago | reply

      You have to wonder, without your explanation, what they were looking at!!!

      Love it, great capture!

    6. The One They Call Bruno 84 months ago | reply

      Hahahaha perfect timing! I love the choice of a b/w filter as opposed to using colors, means that the picture is less 'busy' and the focus really shifts to the central subjects

    7. .Chris.K 84 months ago | reply

      lol clever shot that certianly made me laugh which is the intent i suppose so you conveyed the message and context of the shot easily.

      i like the tight crop. i also dont mind the face of the woman being a little obsured. it adds to the candid natue of the shot.

      nothing like getting a guy interested in a conversation than having a woman look down another womans top i suppose. lol

    8. travel! 84 months ago | reply

      haha i think this photo is really 'interesting'... as flickr calls it. honestly, i think it's a very good capture, something rare. i think the people in the photo will go red if they discover this!

      good candid, really unusual and unique photo.

    9. shuttershrink 84 months ago | reply

      Nice moment in time. Just enjoy - the technical stuff will just ruin it - just enjoy that they were total enraptured w/ one another and having this intimate, non self-conscious exchange. Yay for that.

    10. darren_crabb 84 months ago | reply

      This is a great capture and as you say you've got that perfect moment. I think this is one of those areas that men will never fail to find amusing. It's probably just as well that men aren't the same, and go around talking about how their underwear is chaffing and then looking down eachs others trousers!

      I love the expression here ... it's almost as they are expecting something to come flying out! Brilliant!

    11. Matilda Su 84 months ago | reply

      come on, girls always do that.

    12. markantonyphotos 84 months ago | reply

      what a great moment

    13. dalinean 84 months ago | reply

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    14. Teobius 84 months ago | reply

      I must say that it is even more funny bacause of your explanation... sounds almost like a short story, hehe. The picture is a funny moment of real life, with perfect contrast and sharpness. You didn't take whole the hand of the woman on the right, but this picture looks nonetheless well framed to me. The limited dof is just what it takes to remove any possible distraction.

    15. Joe Adams Photography 84 months ago | reply

      Life is a story. Women get excited about life, many times, men just get excited about women. You did capture the moment. Your caption takes me there, I've lived the moment many times as the man on the periphery of women being women, sometimes happy to be there, sometimes not, observing, entertained, often learning, but most of all just being excited about women.......

    16. Psycrow 84 months ago | reply

      Really funny that you have the image tagged with "40D", but are obviously talking about the Camera model :)

    17. The Round Peg 84 months ago | reply

      HA HA HA!

      I did not think about anything similar to the last comment... but I will avoid commenting it :P

    18. boyxrated 74 months ago | reply

      great shot!

    19. Edmond Terakopian 70 months ago | reply

      Absolutely superb shot. Excellent moment captured; congrats!

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