• I really love these if they're printed not stickers. - bruce n h
  • On the bright side at least we get a red garbage can. - .The Black Rabbit.
  • How in the heck does anyone think they can get away with trademarking the name 'Foot Soldier'???? I get that TM vs the R means that hey haven't actually registered this with the US Patent and Trademark Office, but this just seems silly. - bruce n h
  • If it were "footsoldier" (one word), they probably couldn't trademark it, but as two words it means he's a soldier of the Foot Clan, the Turtles' traditional antagonists. That seems trademarkable enough. - Aanchir
  • Finally they are using these kind of missiles agian were you can just press the button and the missle shoots out really far instead of those crappy flick missles - JSparkysteel
  • They never stopped using this blaster, but personally I prefer flick missiles in a lot of cases. They're much less conspicuous in many cases-- the "cannon on top of a cannon" look here seems a bit preposterous. - Aanchir
  • mmmmmmmmmm tasty pizza - DCfan125
  • I'm gonna make tiny Poliwrath from Pokémon with this tile. - Acrid Daiquiri

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  1. bruce n h 47 months ago | reply

    What, no pizza??

    LEGO should really re-re-release Pizza to Go, replacing the girl with one of the Turtles.

  2. powerpig 47 months ago | reply

    Soooo many olive green parts... !!!

  3. ZetoVince 47 months ago | reply

    I so much want all TMNT sets!

  4. Rγan K 47 months ago | reply

    I'm so excited for these, but it also saddens me that they're based on the new tv show on Nickelodeon instead any older gen.

  5. Rγan K 47 months ago | reply

    This almost seems like it's replacing Ninjago, too

  6. Aanchir 47 months ago | reply

    Ryan Kessler No, Legends of Chima is replacing Ninjago. And since Ninjago was (to my knowledge) not even expected to last as long as it is, it's not as though they cancelled any Ninjago plans to make room for either theme. Rather, I imagine they decided to end Ninjago before its sales began to show fatigue so that they could say to TV networks in the future "hey, look at this massively successful TV show and toy line that we saw through to a conclusion" rather than "look at this show that we cancelled when fans started to grow out of it and new fans were too bored with the concept to buy the products." In other words, they're trying to avoid it falling into the same trap as BIONICLE, where a hasty and-- for many-- unsatisfactory conclusion is required for both the sets and story.

    TMNT is probably LEGO's way of taking advantage of the fact that they won't have an Asian martial-arts fantasy theme for much longer. The theme looks all right, but I have no particular fondness for TMNT, and it kind of dashes my hopes that a Legend of Korra theme would become possible when Ninjago's end was in sight. Ah, well, here's hoping that TLG's continued relations with Nickelodeon will increase the likelihood of Team Jigsaw's upcoming Legend of Korra Cuusoo proposal seeing production.

  7. JSparkysteel 47 months ago | reply

    This theme better not be replacing spongebob

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