• This is extremely lazy, I think it does in the whole model. - Pellaeon
  • Looks like the second balloon tire is missing to make room for a flick-fire missile. :-/ - Pellaeon


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  1. ZetoVince 49 months ago | reply

    The most anticipating set...the biggest disappointment :(

  2. robuko 49 months ago | reply

    minifigs only
    good job on the tumbler but....

  3. ryffranck029 49 months ago | reply

    I keep looking at it hoping to find something I like besides the minifigs...but I don't...

  4. ryffranck029 49 months ago | reply

    once again Lego is betting on the minifigs to sell the sets... :(

  5. WooddogSam 49 months ago | reply

    So underwhelming. The Bat looks like the top portion of a half-assed mecha.

  6. JasBrick 49 months ago | reply

    Mike Ryffranck But they are good minifigs ;-)

    I think the issue will always be what they can afford to put in with regard to piece count when you combine with the cost of the license material they are working with. Could Lego produce a fantastic representation of these vehicles... absolutely.... how much would the set cost... too much (especially for the real target market of kids).

  7. ryffranck029 49 months ago | reply

    JasBrick you are right...and they do look like toys...I'll wait and see if someone maked a real good looking Bat for sale...

  8. "Hellboy" 49 months ago | reply

    Oh my god, Lego has so much good builders and all the models on Cuusoo and now this!!! The set is so ugly, and I hoped when i read that the set will come next year, that the sets become great and now this.

    @ryffranck029 here the best bad and tumler I have seen:
    bat: lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/18529

    this are vehicles and not such like the toys up here ;-)

  9. ZetoVince 49 months ago | reply

    JasBrick I get what you mean here, it's acceptable and understandable but NOT hell not in this case! The set design is too simple, a tan vehicle that hardly resembles the Tumbler (windshield!? really? trans-orange tiles!?... bane themed patterns on some parts!!...?) and a decent Bat thanks to the complex design of the real one with some weird blue details! That's very disappointing when it comes to the flagship of 2013 superheroes sets!

  10. SpeakingJargon 49 months ago | reply

    Those are the most adorable Batman vehicles I've ever seen. Sold

  11. Spider-Brick 49 months ago | reply

    Meh, it's ok.
    I just really want the figs.

  12. Pellaeon 49 months ago | reply

    Figures are great, the Bat is decent, the Tumbler is waaaaay too junior-ized. I could forgive a lot of corner-cutting, but that windscreen is just lazy.

    Rather than complaining though, it might be a fun challenge for us Tumbler-builders: how accurate a Tumbler could we build with ~150 pieces and only legal connections?

  13. ZetoVince 49 months ago | reply

    Pellaeon Great idea! But i would prefer to see first how many pieces used for this "tumbler" and then start it.
    Btw how many is in your fantastic Tumbler?

  14. Pellaeon 49 months ago | reply

    ZetoVince (George Panteleon) Mine? Not sure, but easily 250+.

    I'd pick 150 as our target number for a kid-friendly Tumbler, but I'd guess this "Tumbler" has fewer than that, maybe 90-100. The whole set is 368, and The Bat looks to be at least 250 pieces.

  15. Flynn2000 49 months ago | reply

    Guys, these aren't supposed to be hyper-accurate realistic representations of the Nolan designs. They're cartoonish to match the comic-book feel of the existing DC Superheroes line. Had they been realistic they would've jarred too much.

    Seriously, most of the complaints I'm hearing just sounds like you guys are too in love with the source material to accept anything different.

  16. _Tiler 49 months ago | reply

    Pellaeon ZetoVince (George Panteleon) I had the same thought a while ago, I'm just too tired on working on Tumblers at this point.

    Anyway you look at this, this set is ALL about selling the minifigs. And speaking of which, I don't get any "cartoonish" or "comic-book feel" fell out of a SWAT labeled minifig, as suggested above. It just looks like hypocrisy when trying to sell characters from a dark and violent movie and "sweeten" the deal with a Tumbler built for a 5 year old kid. Which could have been a lot better even in a cartoonish look and even with the number of parts restriction.

    Flynn2000 P.S. Look at commissioner Gordon, he is PRECISELY the representation of Nolan's actor, Gary Oldman. Nothing "comic-book" about it.

  17. Flynn2000 49 months ago | reply

    You're right. The mini figures jar horribly with the look of the set. However, I think this is the fault of the figures, not the set itself.

  18. Jannac Fenwal 49 months ago | reply

    Well, at least we get some tan parts in the Tumbler.

  19. WoogyChuck 49 months ago | reply

    Based on these comments, it seems like a UCS style Tumbler would sell very well. In fact, I think there are likely enough AFOL's and geeks to support a few UCS level sets for a variety of the licensed comics.

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