• OMG :o Hawkman in the future, maybe? - Cmorgenweck
  • Double-sided head, it seems. Nice touch. - Pellaeon
  • The wings look too high to be attached to the figure's neck, I wonder how they're attached? - Pellaeon
  • This is interesting, I guess they're using the shorter (3L) bar in brown? - Pellaeon
  • interesting - Genghis Don
  • I've never seen this technique used by TLG - Hobo'
  • It's also going to be used for Bag End in the Hobbit theme next year. - Aanchir
  • Hey, this is totally the drill from my Big Daddy! - Imagine™
  • I'm thinking two separate heads, given that the base color on each is different. - SpeakingJargon
  • Nice. - kɹɪstəfɚ hafmɪn
  • Lovin' the transition from the cloak to the base here. - kɹɪstəfɚ hafmɪn
  • One of the other pictures shows them attached to a "claw" piece, the one with a clip... So I imagine the wings have bars on the end. - Morgan190
  • frog - robuko
  • This window structure - indeed, the architectural nuance and variation across the whole thing - is gorgeous. - Nuju Metru
  • What, is he Spiderman now? - Ultron32
  • So, four deadly villains break out of prison all at once, and there's only one guard?!?! (plus the evil nurse, of course) - Ultron32
  • Too bad it only includes one of these. I would've liked an army of supervillians wearing arkham jumpsuits. - Ultron32
  • Mary Poppins - MinfigureBrothers
  • Appears to be Gollum with a frog for a head - ben the lucario
  • No, it's a Star Wars battle droid torso, frog, clip, and Ninjago skeleton arms (which are a different shape than Gollum's arms so you can clip things to them). - Aanchir
  • Correct - kɹɪstəfɚ hafmɪn
  • Deshi Deshi.
    Basara Basara. - Lego Junkie.
  • I hope they have a promo bat signal polybag
    with commissioner Gordon and the dark knight. - banynz
  • No, weeping angel! :D - LEGOlas Geekleaf
  • Go Spidey Go - DCfan125

10937 Batman - Arkham Asylum Breakout

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  1. Angeli ¥ 19 months ago | reply

    Under the Batman, there are two of them, black wings, my girl just called me with this news (link to this picture:))))
    I am so happy, and I will have one, no matter what ;) Thanks for the pic ;)

  2. Cmorgenweck 19 months ago | reply

    Thanks! Also, I know someone on Brickset confirmed all of the other set prices, a few sub-themes, and a few new themes.

  3. KnightFalls 19 months ago | reply

    No problem.

    Thanks for pointing those out! Just another reason to buy it. :D

  4. legofreak101 19 months ago | reply

    OMG Its awesome!!!

  5. ~Movielover~ 19 months ago | reply

    Will this be a 2013 set or come will it come out this year or close to Halloween like the monster fighters hunted mansion?

  6. Nick Brick 19 months ago | reply

    That is some excellent set designing.

  7. Pellaeon 19 months ago | reply

    Gorgeous, jaw-dropping. Wow.

  8. thebrickbear 19 months ago | reply

    [https://www.flickr.com/photos/982433 This, it's like 10 cents per piece O.o

  9. PEXUS. 19 months ago | reply

    This. Looks. Awesome.

  10. Wafflebottom 19 months ago | reply

    Well that was fast!

  11. Aanchir 19 months ago | reply

    Love the window panes, the "gatekeeper" statues with those lovely brick-built gowns, and the gargoyles. Also lots of cool new elements, like the vine pieces in Bright Yellowish Green.

  12. Steelex709 19 months ago | reply

    shut up and take my money

  13. Imagine™ 19 months ago | reply

    Check out the two spires on the top of it... they look very familiar....

  14. th_squirrel 19 months ago | reply

    FUCK. YES.

    I want twenty.

  15. Spielbrick Films 19 months ago | reply

    Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh, bugger. I so cannot afford this. But I sooooo want it. Gorgeous set, fantastic figures, absolutely everything you could possibly want out of an Arkham set, right? I really, really want one, but... ouch.

  16. Ultron32 19 months ago | reply

    I disagree. it's 10 cents a piece, which is, in my opinion, a perfect price.
    The only other thing I would've asked for would've been a new hero, or the return of nightwing.

  17. ZetoVince 19 months ago | reply

    There are tons of valuable parts + it's really cool building!
    This is officially my 3rd best lego set ever!

  18. Ritzcrackerman_22 19 months ago | reply

    Yeesh, I just can't get my head around the price... $160??

  19. Chaos Son of SoS 19 months ago | reply

    That thing is so bought!

  20. ~The Question. ? [deleted] 19 months ago | reply

    Im not gonna buy it the price is a tad to high though I will buy that black angel (Hawkman wings :D) off bricklink
    The minifigs are weak too.

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