• Nice to see this purple torso element appearing more places. A little gaudy but it provides some nice diversity in terms of colored clothing. - Aanchir


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  1. Gregorovich9 29 months ago | reply

    Green bottle?!

  2. Pedro Sequeira 29 months ago | reply

    it's always good to know that the reviewer is drinking during his work :D

  3. LegoCloneFanatic 29 months ago | reply

    And the Purple Torso new??

  4. Gregorovich9 29 months ago | reply

    No, it appeared in this year's Pink Brick Box. However, it has so far only appeared in that set so I suppose it could still be considered sort of rare.

    It's quite annoying, though. These two hairpieces keep appearing over and over again, but always in the same colour! Please, LEGO, make these in more colours.

    Also, I get the impression that these two female faces are the new "stock" heads. They're getting so overused to the point where two (of the one on the right) is included in the same set. The female head prints that appeared in Mill Village Raid, Alien Mothership and the ADU Mobile Defence have remained exclusive to those sets, so maybe LEGO should include those instead of these all the time?

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