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  1. Jon Brick 51 months ago | reply

    Ritzcrackerman_22 The collectible wasn't correctly labelled it was symbiote spider-man, not Venom.

  2. 'SoS' 51 months ago | reply

    Now this is Venom! I still want the SDCC Venom/Black Suit Spider-Man just to have a "spider armory". :)

  3. Jack o lantern1 51 months ago | reply

    Finally!!! an official lego venom fig!!!!

  4. slugdude 51 months ago | reply

    Cannon cool, never seen that piece before, thanks!

  5. Spider-Brick 51 months ago | reply

    Billy Riner Nah, this is good enough, I don't really want Venom with the tongue sticking out all the time it would be too... awkward.

  6. lovemuffintop30 51 months ago | reply

    Such creativity in the tentacles! I cannot wait for this minifigure!

  7. LEGO JULIAN 51 months ago | reply

    awesome venom can't wait

  8. Kaiju Dan 51 months ago | reply


  9. Nightmarevalkyrie 51 months ago | reply

    I got the SDCC Venom and it is Venom, but after seeing this version on display at the booth I feel a bit scammed, but at least I managed to get Bizarro and Phoenix which are actually exclusive

  10. Tim Lydy 51 months ago | reply

    How'd you get so many? I thought you could only get one for attending.
    --Also, what the heck, do people on ebay think Bizarro is worth 200+ dollars?! I want Bizarro, but not at that price!

  11. lovemuffintop30 51 months ago | reply


    Dude you gotta show us pics!

  12. Big Rubber Mallet 51 months ago | reply

    Nightmarevalkyrie It's not venom that you have... It's black suit spider-man.

  13. Nightmarevalkyrie 51 months ago | reply

    Tim Lydy While I was attending I was pretty much walking around seeing who had the figures and I offered people 50$ to each person but I didn't manage to get shazam. I will not sell these figures until I need to for money.
    lovemuffintop30 soon
    Ian King I didn't realize that thanks for telling me, I bought it off a random guy and he already removed him off the card luckily he only sold it to me for 20$

  14. Tim Lydy 51 months ago | reply

    What if I were to tell you I'd give you 60, no, that's really lucky of you. I just hope I have the same luck when tracking down Bizarro, I need him for my Leauge of Doom.

  15. vexorian 51 months ago | reply

    I love this specially because it relies on no new molds yet still manages to say venom. More figs like this.

  16. Big Rubber Mallet 51 months ago | reply

    Nightmarevalkyrie Does it have back printing?

  17. legofreak1996 51 months ago | reply

    Absolutley perfect instantly recognisable! Finally battles between venom and spidey can be created or recreated!

  18. slugdude 50 months ago | reply

    guy on saw the retailers catalogue and said this set was 11.99 - 19.99 usd, includes venom, nick fury, spider-man and a flying car

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