• "Your punishment must be more severe" - Spider-Brick
  • Raragagaragarfagaraga - Jeff McElwee
  • Should be more tubes here. - ACRKLegoϟ
  • "I will tear Gothom apart, Brick by brick..." - Fig-Nation
  • "BOOOOMMMMMMBS!" - Awesome-o-saurus
  • Lacks the finer details.
    the clip & the red tread things. - deskp1990
  • eyebrows should be brown and less pointy - deskp1990
  • stop complaining about what you think is wrong, you're lucky you even got a dark knight bane - slugdude
  • Correction: Dark Knight RISES Bane. - ACRKLegoϟ
  • Gotham's Reckoning - Umbro Stormborn
  • OmOmOmNomNom - TheShadowBuilder
  • oh my god same trilogy, almost the same title, people probably understand, i'm trying to make people understand that lego's not gonna do a better job than this just cuz they complain - slugdude
  • What a mess, lol. - Spider-Brick
  • I am Gotham's brickoning. - Legogenius
  • i will break you batman... - legodude123457


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  1. Tim Lydy 56 months ago | reply

    Stop making all of these awsome TDKR references in Lego theme! I can't take the coolness!

  2. ACRKLegoϟ 56 months ago | reply

    The only thing that bothers me is that thereshould be more tubes on the bottom of his mask, it sort of looks to neat and organized.

  3. Banana Gunz 56 months ago | reply

    I hope the back of the torso and head get printing. It would just complete the figure to the farthest extent (that can be made by LEGO).

  4. mikado67 56 months ago | reply

    could make a good crocmaster from gi joe with him

  5. bezetkace 56 months ago | reply

    :D We are getting brand new Tumbler! :D

  6. Monkriffe 56 months ago | reply

    Just one Bane figure? Your punishment must be more severe....

  7. Eleven-Thirty-Eight 56 months ago | reply

    I would've liked it if they could've made a new piece to go over his head as his mask, since the stud interrupts the printing and makes it look weird.

  8. Banana Gunz 56 months ago | reply

    To make such a part would end up extremely thick unless you want your mask to break in seconds. To add detail like this into a tiny, thin mold with printing is hard and fragile. The LEGO Space designers made the Snake minifigure from Space Police using that special helmet, they had originally wanted a small mask like what you're asking for but they ended up having to make it that helmet (On the contrary they had wanted to add a visor to it which made it harder/impossible to make but they still didn't make the small mask for those other reasons).

  9. billbobful 56 months ago | reply

    Banana Gunz They could make it out of rubber(like Exo-Force hair), therefore, reducing the possibility of breaking.

  10. Banana Gunz 56 months ago | reply

    Billy Riner
    Tiny rubber parts would break, more or less easyer than regular ABS. Plus printing comes off the rubber LEGO uses, like the Agents Dr.Inferno hairpiece. Plus a rubber head piece that is small and detailed is hard to make, it is not the same as ABS, which is the majority of the materials LEGO uses in their sets (Excluding the box and part bags).

    Another thing to consider is that the only part that is very thick in the movie would be the part covering the mouth, the straps are much thinner and would break easy if made into a part, plus they would make the head look oversized.

  11. Nightmarevalkyrie 56 months ago | reply

    TDKR set is already confirmed most likely can't wait for the Toy fair in Novmember to see the sets!!!

  12. UnlimitedBrony 56 months ago | reply

    I hope the set he'll be included will be "The Bat" or a tan tumbler. Whatever the set will be he comes in, I'm really lookinf forward to it.

  13. legofreak1996 56 months ago | reply

    Epic!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for dark knight rises sets! he looks perfect to the film maybe we'll get another variation with coat printed on the torso!

  14. fb92web [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

    Woah now that is one of the best things I've seen thus far :D

  15. Monkriffe 56 months ago | reply

    Let the Games begin!

  16. slugdude 55 months ago | reply

    all the rumors are true, this set will include the bat, a camo tumbler, and a vehicle-less gordon, the price is iffy and could be anywhere from 29.99 to 49.99 usd

  17. Ezekiel Scarecrow 55 months ago | reply

    Don't get me wrong, this is cool, but what we REALLY need is a Heath Ledger Joker! :D

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