6873 Spider-Man's Doc Ock Ambush - minifigs

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    1. Dawn Hero 32 months ago | reply

      Who's the green guy lol?

    2. billbobful 32 months ago | reply

      Iron Fist looks pretty good. The old Spider-man and Doc Ock were better though.

    3. Cmorgenweck 32 months ago | reply

      Yeah, this Doc Ock's face looks weird and isn't even accurate to the one it's based one :-/

    4. pomogalaxy 32 months ago | reply

      Iron Fist of sort of esoteric - does he appear in the movie??

    5. Cmorgenweck 32 months ago | reply

      These are based on the new show that's on Disney XD.

    6. PortaI [deleted] 32 months ago | reply

      Those figs are TERRIBLE. Doc Ock doesn't look very cool and Spider-Man's blue is too bright. My brother has the old SpiderMan and it is way better.

    7. ka.lego 32 months ago | reply

      Wonder if these are final. Spidey's needs some leg printing for the boots, but I actually like this face better than the old one. Doc Ock looks like a kid and Iron Fist's eyes seem to start a little high on the head for the LEGO style. All this said, I think they're OK figs. I'm especially glad to have a new Marvel character to add to the LEGO universe.

    8. legoskf 32 months ago | reply

      I totally agree with , eventhought Iron Fist doesn't have the comic look, but the cartoon look instead, but I like it

    9. thebrickbear 32 months ago | reply

      I agree, Spiderman is missing the WOW factor, Doc Ock looks more look like Doc Potter, and I don't even know Iron Fist is.

    10. mateoluzardo 32 months ago | reply

      im getting this one only for iron fist and spidy

    11. Aanchir 32 months ago | reply

      I can't say the new Spider-Man is better than the previous iterations by any means, but he's still a pretty nice design from these pictures. I've seen an out-of-package pic of a Spider-Man minifigure from this set that seemingly "escaped" a production facility, though, and its red printing on the blue torso didn't match the classic bright red head color very well, though, so hopefully that will not be the norm for this set once it begins to show up on store shelves.

      I know very little about the show this is based on, but Iron Fist and Doc Ock look pretty accurate based on their appearances in the official characters gallery linked from the show's Wikipedia page. Doc Ock could afford to have scraggly hair printed on his face like the 2007 Severus Snape minifigure from the Harry Potter theme, but otherwise he seems pretty accurate. Iron Fist's depiction seems pretty much spot-on, other than the fact that the bright yellow head printed with light nougat for his face suggests a mask that covers his full head like Captain America's, rather than a mask like this character tends to have.

      It's a shame that Iron Fist seems to have replaced the Nick Fury minifigure suggested in the original press release. Since the depiction of Nick Fury in this show is based on the depiction in the Marvel cinematic universe, and since Doc Ock demonstrates here that the Ultimate Spider-Man subtheme will have typical minifigure eyes rather than cartoon eyes like many cartoon-based LEGO licensed themes, he would have been perfectly compatible with both this sub-theme and the Avengers sub-theme. Hopefully we will see Nick Fury in a future LEGO Super Heroes wave, whether in a set based on this show or based on the Marvel cinematic universe.

      It should be noted that Doc Ock has a double-sided head, one side of which features his goggles over his eyes and the other side of which is pictured here, with the lenses folded up.

    12. Spider-Brick 32 months ago | reply

      I like this Spider-man, it's like the classic!
      Iron fist is cool.
      Doc Ock is fugly!

    13. Big Rubber Mallet 32 months ago | reply

      Dock Ock has goggles on one side? I'm okay with this figure then. Just give him the older hairpiece and he won't be too bad.

      I have the dark blue Spidey so I'm good.

    14. Mλster cheese 32 months ago | reply

      they raped doc ock.

      y u no make him movie alike??? :c

    15. Aanchir 32 months ago | reply

      Because the movie rights for the Spider-Man films belong to Sony Pictures, not Marvel Studios, and Mega Bloks holds a licensing agreement with Sony Pictures for toys based on those films. So TLG couldn't legally base him on the movie version even if they wanted to.

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