• Wouldn't that be nice - Joel.Baker
  • if they made a picture of him that detailed then they must make be making a set with him - Sadey124
  • in the acuall poster they have his face not the mask - Sadey124
  • Well, Lego didn't make a face for him without a mask. - MasterMinifig

LEGO Avengers Poster

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  1. mateoluzardo 25 months ago | reply

    is this for real?? i hope they make a videogame of this along with lego x.men, just imagine playing with lego deadpool or lego wolverine

  2. legovaughan 25 months ago | reply

    For all the whingers, here's a comparison of the final article with a SW clone helmet. Can we please stop griping about it now?

    iron man

  3. mateoluzardo 25 months ago | reply

    i was just about to say that iron man´s helmet is just as big as a clone´s but you beat me to it and also, where do you get that iron man minifigure??

  4. MasterMinifig 25 months ago | reply

    Wait, where did you get that!!!

  5. Cmorgenweck 25 months ago | reply

    That's not Scarlett Johansson :P Also, that Iron Man helmet is still too big, IMO :-\

  6. mateoluzardo 25 months ago | reply

    its just a big as a clone´s helmet, darth vader helmet or even boba fett helmet

  7. Brickmasters101 25 months ago | reply

    Scarlett johansson is black widow in avengers

  8. Cmorgenweck 25 months ago | reply

    I know, but this fig looks NOTHING like her :P

  9. Brickmasters101 25 months ago | reply

    Ya there is a dimple on it and it looks like a wrinkle and it makes her look old

  10. r a p h y 25 months ago | reply


    Please, guys!

  11. legoman685 25 months ago | reply

    I agree it looks perfect.

  12. Brickmasters101 25 months ago | reply

    ya, I bet if it was any smaller they would complain it is to small

  13. r a p h y 25 months ago | reply

    Oh well now. I'm not saying it's small. ;P

  14. Brickmasters101 25 months ago | reply

    I know, if Lego made it smaller then the people complaining it is to bog would complain it was to small, if it is any smaller or bigger then they will complain

  15. Banana Gunz 25 months ago | reply

    I dont know, the Iron Man helmet looks fine to me. Poster is awesome.
    Now why exactly is Iron Man's chest light roun and not the upside down triangle in both posters?

  16. jdavies182 25 months ago | reply

    awesome, decided to get 'lokis cosmic cube escape because its the cheapest set with iron man in. Also, his head looks reasonable with the visor open but with it closed looks a bit ridiculous.

  17. {The Butter Ninja} 25 months ago | reply

    i am pretty sure nick fury is in a promo set.

  18. Flynn2000 24 months ago | reply

    That's a lame defense, and one that annoys me any time I see it used. People complain for specific reasons, and most of us don't just gripe for the sake of griping (some do, yes, but they're the exception, not the rule). I don't mind the helmet myself (I think it is oversized and ugly, but it doesn't aggravate me particularly), but you do need to respect the opinions of those who do.

  19. r a p h y 24 months ago | reply

    Dude respecting opinions is SO 2011.

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