• Anybody know what part it is ? May be this one : www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=4495 And you, what is your opinion ? - Athanor-Paris
  • Black binoculars probably - Sattamassagana
  • No, Binoculars don't go around the top of a stud in that fashion. - ʈhe ʯozampski
  • Looks like a telescope to me (64644) - Aanchir
  • It's too short to be a telescope. Maybe a new piece? - ‹Blλze
  • How is it too short? We can see in the center of the plane that the upper wing is at least one brick and two plates above the lower plate. That's the same size as a LEGO telescope. You might be confused because the upper wing is further toward the front of the plane than the lower wing, so in reality the telescope connects to the frontmost stud on the lower wing but to the center anti-stud on the upper wing. - Aanchir
  • It doesn't even look like a telescope. Guys think about it. - ʈhe ʯozampski
  • I think it is a telescope. It just is an illusion, like Aanchir said. - LEGO Bro

40049 Mini Sopwith Camel

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  1. Walter Benson 35 months ago | reply

    Sand green! :D

  2. {eeza} 35 months ago | reply

    Those sand green tiles. <3

  3. Athanor-Paris 35 months ago | reply

    Yeah ! 2 x 4 sand green tile !! but what about the black part of the wings ?

  4. i <3 cookies_ 35 months ago | reply

    Might be black telescopes...
    Anyone know how much it will be?

  5. Athanor-Paris 35 months ago | reply

    Yes it's can't be a flag.

  6. Gabe Umland 35 months ago | reply

    I guess i'll have to get this one instead of the large one. :P

  7. ‹Blλze [deleted] 35 months ago | reply

    I'm so getting this AND the big one! Would so be worth it!

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