• Do you think we will get two capes per Nazgûl? *crosses fingers (and toes)* - The DEFROYER
  • Yep. And that's for the effect of them
    having larger capes, or better put,
    robes. - General Magma
  • Oh, please let you be right! - The DEFROYER
  • Have a look right here:
    www.brickshelf.com/gallery/grogall/LOTR/9472/a_9472_box_f... - General Magma
  • The design of the cape on minifig display of the box does insinuate that there are two capes that make it up... I'll just assume that they are only going to have one cape, so that if they have two I can be super happy, and if they have one I won't be as disappointed. - The DEFROYER
  • On this picture you can see that there are also two capes on the other one,
    so it's clearly two capes that they're using here. The one cape going over the other is rather visible here:
    www.flickr.com/photos/fbtbnet/6865766959/in/photostream/ - General Magma
  • YES! Lego finally went out of their way to make something better!!! ...then again, the extra cape probably helped raise the price to $75.... but then again - again, I would have paid for this set even if it didn't have an extra capes... Hurrah! - The DEFROYER
  • Prices in Canada are just pretty much ridiculous, let's keep it at that.
    This set will cost me €50-60. - General Magma

Toy Fair 2012 - The Lord of the Rings - 9472 Attack on Weathertop - 01

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430 pieces
$59.99 USD
$74.99 CAD
Available in June

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  1. ted @ndes 26 months ago | reply

    Nice. New horses look great!

  2. HighonBricks™ 26 months ago | reply

    Adjustable legs! Lego is full of awesome surprises!

  3. Templar05 26 months ago | reply

    Horse doesn't look like real Lego style-wise IMO.

  4. Flynn2000 26 months ago | reply

    I think its the head that kills it. The rest of it looks great.

  5. weaponxdeadpool 26 months ago | reply

    a little pricey but it does include 5 figures exclusive to this set if you count both black horses. Only set with Nazgul will make secondary market prices on the mounted Nazgul soar. so its likely a better deal to buy several of these sets at retail (or on sale) to complete the 9 Nazgul, and part the rest. A hastle no doubt, but the horses alone will sell for $10 each so thats $20-25 a nazgul. And we need 9.. >.< hmm ordinary black horses from Kingdoms and Castle lines are likely replacements till this set gets a little cheaper.

  6. byurunnershigh 26 months ago | reply

    the horse is awesome... legoy enough for me

  7. General Magma 25 months ago | reply

    Uhm, why do you think the Nazgûl will be $20-25? That's just extremely doubtful
    and too unlikely. The exclusive promotional shadow ARF trooper from SW only just reaches that price count. Nazgûl should become about $6-8 each, and the horses..
    not anywhere close near $10.

    Perhaps when they are starting to sell them on BL (still unlikely for them to hit that price count even then), but not after a bit of a longer while.

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