LEGO Minecraft Unveiling

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  1. Amazing Art Studios 37 months ago | reply

    Exciting and whats CUSOO

  2. eldeeem 37 months ago | reply

    inb4 not a cube, half-plate short

  3. Sean-Michael Griffin 37 months ago | reply

    Can't wait!

    well I can , I only would by the sets for parts .etc

    Possibly a new use for the brick piece recently designed? Sand red anyone?

  4. Spielbrick Films 37 months ago | reply

    Wait, so through CUUSOO, licenses can happen? Fascinating. But... surely that wasn't the point?

  5. GavynRogers2pt0 37 months ago | reply

    I, for one, look forward to this.

  6. Dawn Hero 37 months ago | reply

    Erm, for real? Well, ok. xD
    And this. :)

  7. Aanchir 37 months ago | reply

    The point is crowdsourcing: finding out what kinds of products people want through their own suggestions. Now, when a product gets the required number of votes, that's not an automatic guarantee it'll become a LEGO product, especially if it's licensed. There are still agreements to be made, both with the person who proposed the project and whoever owns the intellectual property in the case of licensed themes. But many licensed proposals have been around even since back when the service was Japan-only, and I've seen no sign of the Cuusoo team having any intention to remove them.

    Now, Minecraft is the first proposal to reach the voting threshold after Cuusoo went worldwide. We have no reason to expect it'll become a full licensed theme-- one or two sets might be a more realistic expectation. But at the same time, there are still a lot of questions, such as how Cuusoo sets will be distributed internationally, what the set's (or sets') actual contents will be, etc. I personally don't care much about Minecraft but I still look forward to further details since this is such a novel occurrence.

  8. |{imiduck 37 months ago | reply

    Notch on his twitter account said mojang was working with lego to make a hole new theme in december, when they reached 10,000 supporters and planning was in process

  9. Beta Notus 37 months ago | reply

    Did anyone else look at this and think that it might be sized for the characters from the LEGO board games? That would be fantastic.

  10. Spielbrick Films 37 months ago | reply

    Ah, okay. Thanks for explanation!

  11. |{imiduck 37 months ago | reply

    please say its not true.

  12. CÆLEN 37 months ago | reply

    all i want is a creeper minifig tbh!

  13. thebrickbear 37 months ago | reply

    This. It's plainly stupid. I don't know why those kids vote for it to be made. There will not be a creeper fig. Probably just made of bricks.

  14. Chewk 37 months ago | reply

    Aren't all Lego pieces bricks. more or less?

    I'm excited for this. but at the same time worried at its potential exclusivity.

  15. curtydc 37 months ago | reply

    who cares that they say minecraft on them, they'll be good for parts/color!

  16. G bucko 37 months ago | reply

    aren't they basicly the same thing except mine craft is digital

  17. Krika99 37 months ago | reply

    any news on this yet?

  18. Chewk 37 months ago | reply

    I believe it is being unveiled tomorrow.

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