• For a set lacking in likeness it sure has alot of pieces. - deskp1990
  • Hmm.. it's a set, so I can't really say
    that it is lacking, since they can't add all details. At least we get some Nazgul, new figures, some new pieces.. yeah, I'll just make my
    own version of Weathertop some time later. - General Magma
  • Half-of-a-carrot piece? - General Magma
  • This should be white.. black is extremely inaccurate. :\ - General Magma
  • New pony? - General Magma
  • Flag of Rohan - nice to see it here. - General Magma
  • Looks like both Rohan soldiers
    (one is Eomer) are using a new helmet.. and Eomer's helmet is the
    similar to the Rohan Royal Guard helmets, so perhaps it's safe to assume that we'll see a Royal Guard here. Great! Regular Rohirrim can easily be made with existing pieces,
    they have different helmets too.

    Not 100% sure that it's a
    Royal Guard of Rohan, but I'll go
    with that thought. - General Magma
  • Nope, I think it's inside a cauldron. - Symmetry_
  • Hmm, after another look it seems
    that you might be right. I do spot something black under it, so it's probably a cauldron, yeah.. - General Magma
  • I like the troll. - Masked Builder
  • Wish we had a shot of all these figs! - [Bansheeshee]
  • more spiders..... -_- - areojetman
  • Im just worried that the inside won't be as brilliant as the outside is :? - TheCashleySlash
  • It's not just any spider,
    it's a spider from Lord of the Rings! - General Magma
  • Well, unless you like the interior of
    Helm's Deep in the movie more than
    the outside, I wouldn't count on it. - General Magma
  • Oh no! A lame catapult to chuck Gimli and Aragorn with. - AidanFlynn
  • Shelob is to big. - ∆TMM∆
  • Indeed. Great for your rohirrim army. - ∆TMM∆
  • Gollum's hiding out there...! - General Magma
  • Actually, not really if you look at this:
    images.wikia.com/lotr/images/d/d4/Shelob_fighting.jpg - General Magma
  • Shelob - Lessismorris17
  • seriously? - ∆TMM∆
  • Well it looks like he meant it!
    This is really Shelob,
    who could've known?! - General Magma
  • I just noticed that this set splits down the middle on a hinge. Maybe an inside cave? - AidanFlynn
  • Could be a cave.
    Not sure how it would make sense,
    but alright... we'll see it soon. - General Magma
  • I wouldn't be surprised if LEGO put stickers on this back part. It looks awful! - AidanFlynn
  • I can spot Haldir, a new Rohan shield, another guy with a round shield, and probably Legolas and some short guys. - General Magma
  • On the Appendix they showed pictures of different scales, that's where I based my argument on. But according to that picture it seems te be fine. - ∆TMM∆
  • Not according to the books, IIRC - [Carter]
  • I don't really like the skin color, looks like the one in HP. - diegoboy
  • i just hate spiders lol - areojetman
  • dito...i even dont like the troll at all ^^ - Allvater
  • i dont know if i like this new horse pose... - Allvater
  • are you kidding? the troll is freaking sexy - Lessismorris17
  • ...
    The legs are moveable.. - General Magma

More LOTR from German Toy Fair

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Seems like photos are allowed from the Germany Toy Fair ... and here's the first one to surface from the Lord Of The Rings category.

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  1. T.D.NL 27 months ago | reply

    I want to see better pictures of this... :(
    I can't wait ..

  2. 0therworld [deleted] 27 months ago | reply

    Oh amazing! Are there any pictures of the minifigs? (besides the ones from Monster fighters)

  3. General Magma 27 months ago | reply

    Only a picture of the Fellowship, another picture of the re-done Fellowship
    and some of the "bad guys" on another pic, but I bet you've seen those already.

  4. 0therworld [deleted] 27 months ago | reply

    I *really* don't think I've seen them. Can you paste the link please?

  5. General Magma 27 months ago | reply

    Here you can see most of the figures, including several close-ups:


    (Deeplink the pictures in a Flickr comment and preview them to have
    even closer views of the minifigs.

    Seen any of the 4 LOTR posters in LEGO-style?
    (First was Frodo, the last one (so far?) was Gollum)

  6. Nadrojj 27 months ago | reply

    Cannot wait. These sets are going to really put a dent in my pocket, luckily there is time to set aside LotR money! I for one cannot wait for the Gandalf fig, so excited. I'm a bit bothered that Aragorn has a normal sword like Boromir, I mean, he wielded the Anduril, at least make it shiny!

  7. ∆TMM∆ 27 months ago | reply

    Now it's just waiting to see close-ups from Theoden, Eomer, Haldir, Rohirrim Soldier and off course the Cave Troll, can't wait!

  8. General Magma 27 months ago | reply

    What are you basing this off?
    Just wondering, since the pictures I linked to in my previous comment are based on
    'The Fellowship of the Ring', where Aragorn did not have the sword yet.
    The shown Aragorn figure there is from FOTR too, so is his outfit. (At least, I hope that there
    will be a different outfit in Helm's Deep for him)

    Yup. No doubt they're all going to be great, though. That cave troll looks fantastic already from this distance. I was thinking of
    making my own brickbuilt version of the cave troll, but, never mind.. this one will do.
    If his legs are pose-able it would be totally perfect, but I doubt it for some obvious reason.

    I think Theoden, Eomer and the Rohirrim soldier might use the same helmets,
    but I'm still hoping for different ones. It would be great if the soldier was a Royal Guard.

  9. ∆TMM∆ 27 months ago | reply

    He is probably basing it off the Books. There, he did have Anduril in the Fellowship. What I don't like about the Cave Troll is the huge gaps in the arms. I don't think they have the same helmets, if they do, bad job Lego, bad bad job...

  10. General Magma 27 months ago | reply

    Ah - well, the license is based on the movies so they wouldn't go by the books on that one.

    The gaps in the arms of the cave trolls are quite disappointing, yeah.
    I hope they will change that, though. I can't see why they did it, since the fantasy era trolls
    from 2007/2008 only have a small gap in their arm near the joint, which is mostly hidden
    by the body and hard to notice nonetheless.

    It would be bad if they were to use 3 of the same helmets on every figure,
    but for some reason I can see them doing that.. :\
    But on the other hand, they've released so many new molds, they can't ignore the
    differences on those helmets..



    ^Royal Guard

  11. ∆TMM∆ 27 months ago | reply

    Theoden is probably my favourite character btw. His armour is museum worthy.

  12. General Magma 27 months ago | reply

    I think it's safe to say that the Rohirrim soldier
    will be a Royal Guard. Looking at his helmet, he has a fin pointing forward, and his helmet is gold aside from that.

  13. Dawn Hero 27 months ago | reply


  14. steelwoolghandi 27 months ago | reply

    Great now what to do with my 64 Lego horses that don't have Pose-Ability legs!!!!

  15. General Magma 27 months ago | reply

    Uhm, how about you use them along with the new ones..?

    At least, that's what I would do. If I wanted to make a stop motion, then I'd just get all the pose-able horses and use those. If they're used in a MOC (or any other display), I could use
    all 2 variants of the horses nonetheless..

  16. peterlmorris 27 months ago | reply

    You guys do realize Anduril was is pieces until Return of the King, right?

  17. Nadrojj 27 months ago | reply

    I do indeed realize that, I'm hoping for a progression when the sets release and maybe the RotK sets will have Aragorn's shiny. I still don't think he and boromir should have the same sword model. I know it's lego and all but the characters are unique as should be their weapons.

  18. General Magma 27 months ago | reply

    They don't have enough differences for TLC to make two molds for both
    Boromir and Aragorn.
    Anduril is very likely to happen in its own mold, though.

  19. Jack o lantern1 27 months ago | reply

    Since photos are allowed why cant some1 take a more detailed picture of the sets?just saying.....

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