6860 The Batcave High Res.

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  1. Dave DuJour 31 months ago | reply

    Are the bat poles different sizes for Batman vs Robin? #obscureTVshowreference

  2. Aroŋ. 31 months ago | reply

    Hmm, nice to see that they are going for a more classic look.

  3. .Jake 31 months ago | reply

    Much less cave-y, but very very cool still.

  4. Louis K. 31 months ago | reply

    looks so skinny...

  5. _.Astro._ 31 months ago | reply

    Reminds me of Megabloks... :S But I'm happy that they're bringing back Batman! :D

  6. polywen 31 months ago | reply

    I think they're going for a little of the Adam West Batcave with the red phone and the big colorful signs. I'm in!

  7. Dancyger. 31 months ago | reply

    Is it just me, or is this shockingly small 1) considering this is the flagship set for the theme and 2) compared to the original!?

  8. Aanchir 31 months ago | reply

    Very nice design. It's got a lot more dark blue in the color scheme than the previous Batman stuff, and less black. It works great here, but might not work so well if it gets carried over to the vehicle sets. The whole thing has more of a colorful, early-comics look than the previous theme. There are also the silly 60s Batman attributes, of course, like everything being labeled.

    Also, if the new Batwing and Batmobile look like they do on that screen, I totally take back anything bad I've assumed about them. Even in profile the Batmobile on that screen looks cool, while the Batwing has a better shape than the old one.

    Also, insert obligatory mention of the bad cropping of the flick-fire missiles coming from the Batcave's leftmost turret.

    This set also seems like it'd be great for parts. Hope the other Batman sets have the same level of design quality!

  9. andertoons 31 months ago | reply

    Yeah, I'm on board with this.

  10. Gregorovich9 31 months ago | reply

    Looks wonderful! All those trans light blue parts are great, and the large glass screens are excellent. I'm worried there's a lot of stickers, though...

  11. 09W 31 months ago | reply

    Looks classical, just how I like it ;)

  12. Stormbringer. 31 months ago | reply

    Holy crap Batman!

  13. rabidnovaracer 31 months ago | reply

    I see trans light blue 1x2 tiles! <3

  14. TheMasterOfDeath 31 months ago | reply

    This looks pretty awesome, I think the Robin is just a must-have!

  15. Krika99 31 months ago | reply

    Heh. I was expecting a TDKR tie-in. I am disappoint. ;_;

  16. Toradoch 31 months ago | reply

    The classic / kamp bat stuff is fun, but I always craved a more modern take like the Nolan films. But, this is a toy and those films are definately not kid-oriented, so the choice seems logical.

  17. andertoons 31 months ago | reply

    I agree. For their main audience it think this fits perfectly. And it's a little kooky, which I like. (See -> www.flickr.com/photos/andertoons-cartoons/sets/7215762753...)

  18. Genghis Don 31 months ago | reply

    This reminds me an awful lot of the Trio Batcave.

  19. lilconnor 30 months ago | reply

    i love it, its exactly like the really old batman tv series, with the red phone and the whole batcave layout poison ivy is :O and robin dosent look as gay wich just completes the excelence of this set :D deffinitley getting this one :)

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