New Gold Elements

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    1. LonnieCadet 47 months ago | reply

      I saw the new gold bars but I forget what set, anyone know?

    2. oLaF LM 47 months ago | reply

      This is replacement part from pearl gold in POTC set !
      on the box we can see Chrome Gold but inside it doesn't shine at all !
      Ask Lego to have the real article shown on the box and they replace it !

    3. Aanchir 47 months ago | reply

      I'm very impressed with this. I have to say I don't really sympathize with some people's accusations of false advertising on packages (for instance, glowing eyes and shiny metallic surfaces on BIONICLE sets, the use of a different but functionally-identical part like the ninja katanas on packaging of some sets, etc.), but in this case it was a real disappointment that box photographs of a set on the packaging would be so very different from the actual contents. Plus, the pictures I've seen of the pearl gold (297 Warm Gold) versions of these parts make them look just plain ugly (and normally I'm a fan of that color).

      I never got any of the PotC sets and don't know if I will be getting them, but the fact that TLG is actually producing chrome gold (310 Metalized Gold) versions of these parts makes me hopeful that a future production run of these sets will include the chrome versions by default.

    4. oLaF LM 47 months ago | reply

      After asking the SAV, they still do not know if it's a packaging mistake or a design mistake
      BTW, if you want your chrome gold, ask them quickly, I'm not sure they'll offer to lots of AFOL the good parts and the shipping ;)

    5. ~Buda Brick~ [deleted] 47 months ago | reply

      ooo..... shinny!

    6. Alyosha K 47 months ago | reply

      I just called LEGO U.S. Customer Service and asked for replacement parts for two of my PotC sets. The person on the phone told me that future runs of the line would have chrome gold coins and bars. There was no problem offering me the additional parts - she did have to check for availability, but she said they'd been making more.

    7. Aanchir 47 months ago | reply

      That's what I expected, but it's great to have confirmation! Thanks for passing that info along to the rest of us fans!

    8. Eggy Pop 47 months ago | reply

      FAIL! apparently no more gold bars. consolation prize is if they do decide to make them in the future I have a reference number.

    9. Alyosha K 46 months ago | reply

      @ Eggy Pop: I'm sorry to hear that they weren't doing any more. I don't know if I was misinformed by the service agent I spoke to, or if LEGO changed their mind about their policy. I received my gold pieces in the mail yesterday (having ordered about two weeks ago). Maybe we'll be able to get some kind of official update or clarification in the future.

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