• LEGO cockpit. - LEGO_Lord00
  • Like the only thing that doesn't resemble LEGO - LEGO_Lord00
  • These missile pieces, direct steal from Oxford Bricks in Korea. I know, I have many of these pieces from when I lived in Korea and bought Oxford. - And you are...?
  • (in reference to the 2x4 red piece) Yuck, looks like Mega Bloks, that kind of creamy look to each color. - -Legomancer-
  • Although this is totally a rip-off of LEGO's bricks, you gotta love that tile, especially if it's a printed tile. - Daz Hoo
  • looks to me they even ripped off lego's crappy stickers - bob9801
  • Double-cheeses - JimmytheJ
  • Those swooshy 2x3 things used on knights kingdoms action figures and racers. - JimmytheJ
  • Kre-O is made by Oxford... :> - th_squirrel
  • And LEGO just started making double cheeses! - ♕Angry Octopüs
  • Total ripoff! - ♕Angry Octopüs

Not Lego: Hasbro's Kre-O Transformers Starscream (Vehicle)

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  1. Collin Harvey 39 months ago | reply

    Ry, you might wanna slap a link to the story in these captions, before you get more OMGTHEYTRANSFORM!!!!11/?? comments.

  2. fbtb 39 months ago | reply

    Yub yub.

  3. Collin Harvey 39 months ago | reply


    So, do they transform?

  4. fbtb 39 months ago | reply

    Nope. Read! :P

  5. And you are...? 39 months ago | reply

    The missiles are a direct steal from Oxford Bricks in Korea.

  6. Robo-Knight 38 months ago | reply

    Heh, this photo had my hopes up breifly, I thought it was Lego. XD

  7. peterlmorris 38 months ago | reply

    Holy crap I've never missed Nate more than now.

  8. 1wave 38 months ago | reply

    Actually the tires of the truck show "Oxford" as "brand"

  9. And you are...? 37 months ago | reply

    Oh yeah, good seeing. I also saw some Oxford Bricks parts on that set too, aside from the blatant tires.

  10. ♕Angry Octopüs 30 months ago | reply

    God, everybody seems to steal Lego's idea! They just copy them! Wtf!?

  11. The Original Barbie-Boy 8 months ago | reply

    this might go well with Kre-O G.I. Joes

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