• :D!!!!!!!!! - ThatGuyWithTheBricks
  • its nice they use the same uniforms for these guys - Tom.G012
  • =D - Hobo'
  • New bucket! - LegoAthos
  • I hope this is printed, even though I should know better. - LegoAthos
  • Bottles without the printed ship, I hope? - Pellaeon
  • Shuttered arched windows? - Puriri deVry
  • Awesome! - Rick_3691
  • Hey Did't you used to live in Persia? - Azure's Elements
  • No wonder why Belloq couldn't find Jones... - JCC1004
  • Is this a new piece? 4x8 plate, with studs only along the long edges? - Pellaeon
  • I believe it is 8 of the 1x4 tiles with studs on the edges. - ThatGuyWithTheBricks
  • is this a rounded corner I see here? :) - Eccohawk
  • I can't see that. I mean sure, it'd be easy to do. but there's no hint of cracks anywhere in here - Joe da Po'boy
  • have we ever seen technic bricks filling out a horse before? - Joe da Po'boy
  • Yah, and there appears to be no supports under that middle section, so it must be a new tile. - Johŋ
  • It's probably a prototype, for all we know. - Johŋ
  • Ah, hi-rez image suggests it's a mix of plates and tiles, possibly with a play feature. Looks like a 2x2 tile, 2 1x6 tiles, and 2 1x8 plates. No new piece. - Pellaeon
  • aaaand you're not gonna link us to that? :'( - Joe da Po'boy
  • It's just one of these... - Rick_3691
  • It looks like it flips up so probably 2x 1x8 tiles and 2x 1x8 plates. - Puriri deVry
  • looks like there is a turning mechanism down here - edthedragon
  • does whatever a spider pig does - iketheknight1
  • ...unless it's just a spider, in which case it just does spider things. - Rick_3691

4193 London Escape

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  1. Capt. Thomas Foolery 39 months ago | reply

    Thank god for Flickr and detail-oriented fans - I missed a few of the catches made on here while feverishly perusing the other sets. Love the bucket, the ship painting, and the shuttered arch windows. I have a feeling I am going to be shelling out oodles to Bricklink to get a lot more of the windows.

    Kind of think it's lazy that it's the same red coat as the previous LEGO lines on the one fig, but love the other one, even if he has a striking resemblance to a certain archaeologist.

    Wonder what the front of the building will look like.

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