4195 Queen Anne's Revenge

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  1. Huntmäster☠ 51 months ago | reply

    Yes! So many good pieces.

  2. Capt. Thomas Foolery 51 months ago | reply

    Nay, tis from PotC4: On Stranger Tides and is none other than Blackbeard's Queen Anne's Revenge. Glorious, truly.

    Love the insane usage of skulls - very morbid for a LEGO set. The Blackbeard figure looks remarkable. Love that he has fuses in his beard, just as the authentic Edward Teach was wont to do.

  3. Joe da Po'boy 51 months ago | reply

    there are multiple current themes with undead enemies. lego likes to sneak morbid past ya ;)

    this can't be the only set where jack has a hat? everybody knows how attached the man is to his hat.

  4. talhax11 51 months ago | reply

    Cool pieces, but the ship itself seems like a rehash of the Schooner 6286

  5. EyalR 51 months ago | reply

    wow,beautiful set and cool minifigs!

  6. Capt. Thomas Foolery 51 months ago | reply

    Agreed. LEGO does have a fair share of the macabre represented, but never to this level IMO. Look how many skulls come with that set! And how the lantern in the back is composed of charred skeletons.

    I love it. Granted, it's nothing like the real ship of Blackbeard, but fun nonetheless.

  7. Capt. Thomas Foolery 51 months ago | reply

    Oh, and fear not. He has his hat in the London Escape and Whitecap Bay sets. Sadly, none of the cheaper sets.

    You make an excellent point with this - why would our beloved Jack Sparrow forget to don his beloved hat for five of the eight sets?

  8. Aanchir 51 months ago | reply

    Hmmm... This set uses the Fantasy Era skeleton, while Isla de la Muerta uses the Ninjago skeleton. Perhaps one is for undead, and one is for actually-just-dead? Or perhaps LEGO will change one of the sets and settle with one or the other.

    I myself would prefer the Ninjago skeleton arms and/or legs on the Fantasy-Era torso. That's the ideal skeleton in my personal opinion. But so far we haven't seen any indication LEGO plans to do that...

  9. alex_baird 50 months ago | reply

    i want a skeleton monkey! hopefully on the Black Pearl...

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