• I think this is a hat...which means good for beaches, Atlantis displays, and other sundry things...I like - lego_tohst
  • Troll Battle Wheel lite, anyone? Meh... - LegoAthos
  • The compass! - Danny-Longlegs
  • Smexxy - Danny-Longlegs
  • A giant turd hat - gambort
  • sweet printed legs - legobrick1000
  • What's in the chest? - LegoAthos
  • I really hate this guy and his big notes... - Angeli ¥
  • Me too. I think I might block him for his idiocy - gambort
  • You can't see it from this angle, but this has a ponytail! Bring on the Mel Gibson Patriot MOCs! - DR.Church
  • You are indeed free to be an idiot. And apparently more than capable too. - gambort
  • I'm quite happy to 'argue'. Although so far it's been me mocking you and you mocking yourself so we kind of agree. - gambort
  • love this bit, a nice smudge of detail I would say - edthedragon

4183 The Mill

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  1. akunthita 50 months ago | reply

    I have been waiting for sword holsters like this for ages!

  2. bumppo1091 50 months ago | reply

    You guys are so weird, NERD ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Impending.Doom 50 months ago | reply

    There is a heart printed round brick in the chest.

  4. Capt. Thomas Foolery 50 months ago | reply

    We're LEGO geeks, not nerds. Get it straight. ;)

    Not too impressed with this set other than the crew member of Davey Jones and the cool torso for the Commodore.

  5. Impending.Doom 50 months ago | reply

    Dark tan 1x2 plate with door rail

  6. DR.Church 50 months ago | reply

    I'm really not impressed with the set design other than the minifigures.

  7. SpeakingJargon 50 months ago | reply

    Says the guy with LEGO on his photostream. ;)

  8. robuko 50 months ago | reply

    I hope this means we get the whole crew of the Dutchman later in the year

  9. braidedwookieescalps6 50 months ago | reply

    swordholders and hadras rock i was hoping for a physical compass, not a printed tile

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