• =D - Hobo'
  • Some printing or stickering here, I think. - LegoAthos
  • weed plant in tan - \/\/\/\/\/\
  • cool mod plate in tan - \/\/\/\/\/\
  • Return of the islander hat piece! - General Magma
  • Oh hey, it's face-painted demi-god Jack. Should be some interesting applications for that fig head. - .GMan
  • Hat? Isn't it just hair in a topknot?

    I thought it was a hat when I was a kid, of course. But I've been convinced otherwise over the years. - Aanchir
  • yeah you're right. and the minute I saw garmadon, I wanted to use the bone like that. it actually crossed my mind "bummer they don't still produce those" :P - Joe da Po'boy
  • so, forgive me a stupid question. Is this Draco hair or a new part (ponytailed?) ? - Joe da Po'boy
  • I'm pretty sure it new, with a ponytail - Binary Code
  • cool now we got a minifig roaster - mikado67
  • no we didn't. now go back to whatever you crawled out of, please. - \/\/\/\/\/\
  • That's an awesome peace! :D - hemase94
  • Just like the Pax Romana - Hobo'

4182 The Cannibal Escape

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  1. vstarvan [deleted] 51 months ago | reply

    Indiana jones natives!

  2. Capt. Thomas Foolery 51 months ago | reply

    Could work as Hovitos, for sure.

  3. Boyfromvalley 51 months ago | reply

    I think Jack's head will probably have printing on both sides for different expressions.

  4. Coruscantdefender [deleted] 51 months ago | reply

    these new sets are EPIC!

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