10215 Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter - 1

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    US $99.99
    CA $129.99
    UK £94.99
    DE €99.99

    Available in November

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    1. Louis K. 78 months ago | reply

      nice, but overprized.

    2. tharkwarrior 78 months ago | reply

      The droid head should be upright not angled.

    3. K-ralz 78 months ago | reply

      ^^ agreed

      They should finally find a way to fit a full droid in these fighters on the side part of the wing. I've modded my original Episode II fighter to do so, but you'd think that even a UCS set would do something like that.

    4. lLikePi 78 months ago | reply

      If that droid was a complete version, it would be HUGE compared to an Obi-Wan at the starfighter's scale.

    5. jomandybri 78 months ago | reply

      that republic logo on the back is two stickers...gonna need patience to put that on.

    6. vynsane 78 months ago | reply

      @LegoTemplar - There never WAS a full droid in this rendition of the Jedi Starfighter. It's always just been an Astromech droid head hard-wired into the body of the craft.

    7. Space Burger Steve 78 months ago | reply

      The model is 18" long, the ship is 8m long. That's 0.4444 meters per inch. A four stud block is 1.25 inches, so a 4 stud dome represents a dome diameter of 0.5555m, or about 22 inches, whereas from what I can tell, it should be 18 inches. A 3 stud dome would represent a dome of about 16 inches. 3 studs is too small, 4 is too big, but four is easier to fit on a turntable. Close enough for me.

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