8129 AT-AT Walker

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  1. ModestLife 46 months ago | reply

    I loved this one way more than the motorized one, this one has a slimmer section and looks so much more like the narrow, menacing model from the films.

    The link say it'll probably go for about $110 at Toys R Us, and hints that the Lego msrp is around $99. I'd definitely snap it up for the lower price, and the $10 difference means I might still pick it up at TRU if I know it's readily available.

  2. Sandtrooper Platoon 46 months ago | reply

    Firstly, the AT-AT looks way better than 10178 (which isn't hard). It looks good at this angle, however, check out the new 2010 catalog. IMHO, It is too narrow. Compared to 4483 AT-AT, instead of being 8 studs wide, it is only 6 studs. Other comparisons that make it look unfavorable are the front portion of the "body" (only 6 studs, instead of 8). The head is 1-2 studs smaller as well. It is also shorter.

    I guess the piece count sums it up best. The 4482 AT-AT was over 1000+, while this comes in at a poultry 815 pcs. I will buy it however and hopefully it will look O.K next to the 4483. They still haven't topped the original. Which is a pity, since almost all sets of previously released vehicles have been better than the former.

    One more gripe, I can't believe that they didn't use the printed brick that they used in the 4483 AT-AT. Instead, it looks like Lego has 1 sticker in the set (for the cockpit window). Lousy and very unfortunate.

  3. NIRDIAN 46 months ago | reply

    Better then the second iteration (with those god-awful legs) but still not as cool and pretty as the first one. :/

  4. (COMMANDER-JET-800)® [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

    looking great but the cons i know are that:

    only 1 person in the copkit.

    it dosent have a speederbike.

    those are the cons i can see...........so far!

  5. (COMMANDER-JET-800)® [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

    go to brickset.com go to starwars and you can see the inside.

  6. lLikePi 46 months ago | reply

    So, basically, TLG switched the faces of the rebel trooper and Imperial officer around and then decided to make the Imperial officer General Veers?

    Overall, the set looks great, though!

  7. (COMMANDER-JET-800)® [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

    cant wait!

  8. MacLane 46 months ago | reply

    Han Solo looks like he's gonna freeze before he reaches the first marker.

  9. ModestLife 46 months ago | reply

    Then I'll see you in TRU!

  10. diegoboy 46 months ago | reply

    4483 was the best one in my opinion.

  11. ORRANGE. 46 months ago | reply

    ^ 100% True

  12. Flynn2000 46 months ago | reply

    I'm not seeing how people are liking this better than the motorized version...Frankly, I think this looks pretty dang awful. 4483 was better.

  13. (COMMANDER-JET-800)® [deleted] 46 months ago | reply

    becouse the motorized version dosent fit figs. and frankly 4483 was very big.

  14. Flynn2000 46 months ago | reply

    Big? How is "BIG" a problem, exactly? Of the 3 AT-AT's LEGO's made so far, 4483 is the only one that was even remotely close proportionally to the actual thing. At least the motorized version was, you know, motorized. This has nothing going for it, especially with the awful price...

  15. ModestLife 46 months ago | reply

    Wow. It's kinda interesting how this set is generating a lot of critique. That's good!

    [P.S. Flynn2000: Is your profile pic from "Secret of NIMH"? I actually never saw it as a kid!]

  16. Louis K. 46 months ago | reply

    Put the legs of this set and the rest of 4483 together and you get the perfect AT-AT. The body is just awful.

  17. ModestLife 46 months ago | reply

    I actually seem to remember the pix of the earlier ATAT's looking cooler, thinner, more like the movie. Am I wrong?

    I've been hounding my local Toys R Us (Times Square, that goddamned circus) and they don't have this. Boogers.

  18. ModestLife 45 months ago | reply

    Ok, here's my local results: This and the Emperor's Shuttle are both NOT going to be carried by my Toys R Us in Times Square. That's a pretty big store, and they even stock the dropship/ walker combo, so it's telling that this isn't going to be stocked in-store.

    The person at the store (on the phone) told me that the shuttle MIGHT be stocked in time but there are no orders for it on log. The ATAT is definitely on "discontinued" status and won't be stocked at all. She recommended that we just order from TRU online for these items.

  19. Masiero7 [deleted] 45 months ago | reply


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