West Fork Palm Canyon, 4/14/07
Hiked up the west fork of Palm Canyon this morning. Been a while since i've hiked in the Indian Canyons. Arrived at the toll booth just after 8am. Seemed pretty quiet. Drove through Andreas Canyon to find just one car in the parking lot. Continued on to Hermit's Bench and parked next to the trading post. Had the West Fork trail to myself. Looks like no fresh footprints since before the wind/rain on Thursday. At the junction with the trail that heads north across the creek i continued west on what is now called the Jo Pond trail for a mile or so. This trail hasn't been traveled for a while and was a bit overgrown. But i like it that way. Reminds me of my youth hiking the Skyline trail. (Now days the Skyline gets quite a bit of traffic.) I got to about the 2800 foot level a bit beyond the Needles Eye before turning around. Compared to the start of the trail where it was quite warm it was actually getting just a bit cool with some overcast and bit of a breeze. On my way back down i dropped down to the stream crossing to a nice litte flow of water and to chat with a group that had hiked over from Murray canyon. That's one trail i've never done but really want to someday. After a little rest in the Cottonwood shade walked back down the way i had come to find the parking lot at Hermit's Bench full of tourists! Had a great hike. The $8 entry fee is really well worth it.
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