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    Found on the street while out walking Eddie this afternoon.

    1. W9JIM 87 months ago | reply

      From the net:

      "Plan B works like other birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. Plan B acts primarily by stopping the release of an egg from the ovary (ovulation). It may prevent the union of sperm and egg (fertilization). If fertilization does occur, Plan B may prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the womb (implantation). If a fertilized egg is implanted prior to taking Plan B, Plan B will not work."

    2. °Florian 87 months ago | reply

      Jim, that's what it says on the back side.

    3. W9JIM 87 months ago | reply

      Yeah, but I couldn't read it in your shot! :-)

      I was wondering if this stuff was a "morning after pill" so I did a bit of research.

    4. 4Durt 87 months ago | reply

      What was plan A again! :)

    5. listorama 43 months ago | reply

      Are they supposed to be taken in the street? :-)

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