2016 Photo-a-Day Challenge [June]
A Facebook Activity by Bev Slattery Hartford

Pictures I took that were not in my archive or that I wanted current pictures.

Photo Challenge Contributors:

Please note: If you were in the May group and aren't included here, it's only because you have to be added by a friend, and you aren't on my friends list, or I accidentally overlooked you. Please ask whoever originally added you or who is in my list to add you again, or alternatively, send me a friend request and I'll add you.
Everyone is welcome to join in. The rules are simple: Read the prompt of the day and upload a photo to this album that you have taken, either on the day or from your archives, that expresses the prompt. Interpret the prompts any way you like. Half the fun is interpreting them different ways.

Skipping days is just fine, or combining prompts into one photo. The only hard and fast rules are post only your own photos and be nice to everyone.

If you're on my friends list (Bev Hartford) ask to be added in the comments. If you're friends with another participant, tag them in the comments to be added, and they can hook you up.
If you've been on the list and would like to be removed, just let me know.

So grab your cameras, get out there, and shoot!

Once again, this challenge was put together by me from several sources. I have changed this month to Weather Wednesdays, as a change from our Fun Food Fridays and Music Mondays, as you will notice. As usual, there is a "photography" type challenge (or maybe more than one). Have fun!!!
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