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DAY 17: Lego | by F-2
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DAY 17: Lego

DAY 17: Lego


As adults we all have fond memories of different coloured bricks and the hours upon sweet hours spent constructing things. Today, with the assortment of different bricks increasing all the time and themed Lego becoming increasingly the norm, Lego it seems, has never been so popular or in such demand.


In 1934 struggling master carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen, from the village of Billund in Denmark, decided to call his wooden toys by the name Lego formed from the Danish words leg godt which means "play well". Later the Lego Group discovered that in Latin the word "Lego" means "I put together" or "I assemble”, something which was accidental, but all the same a fitting coincidence.


Though only employing a dozen people Ole Kirk Christiansen’s business continues to turn out popular toys but in 1942 the entire Lego factory is destroyed by fire. But the resilient Ole Kirk Christiansen ensures that the Lego brand continues with the rebuilding of a new factory. Production continued soon afterwards and in 1947 the introduction of a plastic injection-moulding machine for making toys signalled their introduction into plastic toy manufacturing, though not Lego as we know it today.


During the early 1950s Lego started to increase its plastic toy manufacturing and eventually the first Lego construction sets were produced. Plastic Lego construction continues to grow during the late 1950s and on into the 1960s. Then in the late 1960s Duplo sets were introduced, designed for younger children. As the decades followed Lego was in increasing demand by customers worldwide. The introduction of Technic heralded the interest of older children and adults to the Lego brand and in recent years much more advanced sets have been aimed at older people.


But at its heart, Lego is a construction toy which children of all ages can enjoy. Today’s image focuses upon Minifigures which Lego produces for children to use with their creations. Many of these Minifigures come from the “Community Workers” set which includes bakers, construction workers, firemen, doctors, nurses, jet pilots and police men and women.


Note: Very simple lighting was used for this image, with two flash heads bounced off white boards lighting the scene. The actual Minifigures are leaning slightly backwards so that they are looking at the camera at the angle the image has been taken. The background is a wall made from green Lego which is attached to the Lego base plate. In Photoshop hardly anything has been done at all apart from the normal levels/saturation/unsharp mask routine.


This image is part of the The Things Children Play With 30 day challenge gallery.


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Taken on May 5, 2007