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United Earth Federation Ground Arm - RSu-02E Re-Gogg E

The E-type Re-Gogg was the next mass production version of the Re-Gogg after the S-type. Based heavily off the experimental D-type the E-type featured many similarities and differences. The head plate was brought forwards in order to better protect the mono-eye camera while the arms were completely redesigned; with more similarity to the S-type rather than the D-type. The beam cannons remained in the hands but the fingers also featured heaters in order to better allow the fingers to pierce armour. The legs were also redesigned with improved hydro-jets and leg functions. The E-type proved to be highly popular amongst pilots, even more so than the S-type as the improved design meant that although the Re-Gogg was a high perfomance aquatic Kampfer it could also function incredibly well on land even better than some dedicated land use Kampfers while the ejectable jump-pack allowed the E-type to even take out low flying aircraft.




-Fourth incarnation of the Re-Gogg. Think I've finally nailed it though. :P

-Fits a fig and still features rotating mono-eye.

-Influenced by the Z-Gok E.


Rear view

Flaps and cockpit hatch open


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