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United Earth Federation Ground Arm - RSKt-05 Re-GT Transformable Type | by FateHeart
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United Earth Federation Ground Arm - RSKt-05 Re-GT Transformable Type

It was common knowledge amongst UEF Kampfer designers that The Union knew how to successfully design, produce, and field transforming Kampfers. Following the success of The Union's frames, the UEF were keen to field more transforming frames in their own ranks. One such frame to be produced was the Re-GT Transforming Type. Possessing a crude transformation between Kampfer and tank modes, only 27 were produced as they were incredibly unreliable and prone to breaking down. Pilots frequently complained about the leg mounted treads jamming and the left hip system fracturing which often led to disastrous consequences. All units saw use on Earth with the large majority seeing action in northern Russia on the border with Union territory.




Finally finished! Still a bit messy in certain areas but I've run out of parts. That's why it doesn't have a hand held gun or arm mounted missile launchers. :P


This one goes out to my buddy Jared and his impressive transforming skills. ;)

I also spelt The Union with a capital 't'. Give me a reward Jared. :P


Almost completely based off the Guntank R-44 which can transform a lot better than my crude copy. :P


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Taken on May 18, 2012