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United Earth Federation - RSM-08N Re-GM IV

The Re-GM IV was the successor to the Re-GM III and general replacement frame for most other older frames fielded by the UEF. More powerful than it's predecessors due to the large external thruster mounts, which were first seen on the Super Seraphim and then the R-spec Seraphim, the Re-GM IV was primarily fielded in space although a large number saw action on Earth. The units fielded in space were the first UEF mass production units to feature binders, which greatly improved maneuverability. The main reactor core was also replaced with a newer design allowing longer operational time.


The Re-GM IV first saw action during the Battle of Asteroid K-098 where Union pilots first mistook them for Re-GM IIIs, before realising they had better performance then the units they were used to fighting. The battle ultimately ended in UEF victory after the Union flagship was inadvertently destroyed by wide spray cannon fire from a UEF support frigate.




-Upgraded and ready to whup some ass. >:3

-As Freedom's already commented, it's inspired by the GM III.

-My first Kampfer to be a number above III. Must be a sign. >.<

-The back of the shield looks truly fugly. D:

-My days are now spent playing AoE II and revising. Lego isn't a priority so no new builds for a while (this isn't a new build. It's an overhaul XD).

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