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United Earth Federation - RKz-02 Re-GC

Introduced at around the same time as the Re-GM II, the Re-GC was a dedicated heavy armour and weapons unit. Incredibly heavy and incredibly powerful, units were prized by commanders as they could take a heavy beating and often or not return the beating to full effect. Units would see action in space and on Earth. In space, units were fielded often alongside their lighter counterparts, whilst on Earth, they were often relegated to a support role as their significant weight was more of an issue in gravity.




-So I finished it. Very different from what I originally had in mind. XD

-Based off the Guncannon Mass Production Type.

-I dislike building in red because it's too colourful for my tastes, but I think this came out alright.

-The legs are now stable. :')

-To avoid confusion, the 40mm machine guns are underneath the beam cannons. :)

-The cannons can move around.

-Fits a fig. Uncomfortably.

-Should be equipped with a hand held weapon but I couldn't really be bothered. XD

-Still has a few structural problems but I'll fix them some other time.

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Taken on March 4, 2012