Apan is from Mon town in Nagaland. He went to study theology in Kerala. He took up graphic design after finishing his degree. He financed his studies by working at a restaurant in Trivandrum owned by a family friend from Kerala. Seeing the world and travelling was imporant for him, although his father insisted that he should return home when he turned thirty and take on responsibility as the eldest son. He was extremely hardworking and slept only a few hours a night. Although Apan was working hard in Trivandrum, his family from Nagaland routinely sent money to help him out. Given that he was extremely busy, we could only meet him late at night or on Sundays, which was his day off.

During the winter of 2014, we followed Apan when he was visiting his family in Mon district. During our trip to Apan’s hometown, he also took us to his village to meet his relatives, and showed us the land and forests that belonged to the family. In 2015, he told us over Facebook that he had got a proper job in an IT. For Apan, this was the beginning of a new journey.
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