Improv Everywhere - Slo-Mo Home Depot
On August 19th, 2006, Improv Everywhere staged another great event in Manhattan, this time the setting was Home Depot downtown near Madison Square Park, where all of us agents met up.
In this event, totaling over 200 participants, everybody synchronized their watches so that as one massive group of shoppers, we would all shop or otherwise go about our business in the store in "slow-motion" for a period of five minutes. Just as soon as it started, we all went back to normal for another five minutes, and then proceeded to freeze for a final five minutes, and then finally return to normal social order and eventually leave the store. Read up on the Mission Page here for more details, and also check out the videos taken by the film crew, because my photos here do not come close to capturing the uniqueness of this event the way that the videos do. Thanks again for visiting my Flickr, and thanks to everyone who showed up, and of course to Charlie Todd, the mastermind behind "Improv Everywhere."

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